My heart breaks for my lost and broken friends


hi, everyone. i just joined this website today, and already it seems like such an incredible, warm, welcoming community. it seems like such an amazing place, and i should definitely be an extremely active member here. if you’d like to hear part of my testimony, i posted in the ‘Meet and Greet’ thread. if any of you would ever like to hear the rest of my story, please don’t be afraid to contact me – i’m extremely open about my faith and my experiences, and you don’t ever need to worry about offending me.

i have several prayer requests, so if you wouldn’t mind, i’d truly appreciate it if you would pray for me and for my family and friends. i will definitely pray for your requests as well, and keep all of you in my constant thoughts.

my prayer requests:
1) that my friend emily would be touched by the Holy Spirit and decide to give all of herself completely to God through her Catholic faith, and that she would be healed of her past and of all agnostic thoughts.
2) that my best friend, faye, would be brought out of Islam, promiscuity, bisexuality, drug addiction, alcoholism and skepticism into the truth of the Catholic faith, and that she would be healed of her past completely, and that her family would be saved as well, and treat her the way she deserves.
3) that jack would be healed of his homosexuality and unbelief, and that my words to him would no longer offend him, but open his eyes to the truth that is in God, and that he would open his heart to the Catholic faith.
**4) **that reba would be brought out of atheism and dark music, thoughts and emotions into the truth, light, hope and life that is in the Catholic faith, and that her violent home life would be healed and her family also saved.
**5) **that brooke would be healed of her bulimia, self-harm, depression, promiscuity and bisexuality, and that the words i soon plan to send to her would open her heart to the truth of Catholicism and the hope that is in God alone.
6) that athena would open her heart to my words, that she would reread them and that her eyes would be opened to the truth in them, and that she would soon contact me, and that i would be able to lead her to the truth in Catholicism.
**7) **please pray for the salvation of kelsey, amber, andrew, kate, trisha (that she would open her heart to the words i will soon give her as well), jen, james, caitlin, bernadette, lauren, rosemary, megan and my family, especially my uncle dave.
8) revival in my high school and opportunities for me to share my faith with the many who are lost inside my high school’s darkness
**9) **an increased diligence and passion in my spiritual life
and, finally,
10) that i would soon know my spiritual gifts and God’s plan for my life, that i can begin to truly serve Him with all of my heart.

thank you so much to anyone and everyone who bothered to read this, and is taking the time to pray. i’m so sorry that i have so many prayer requests – i’m not trying to be selfish, i just have many lost friends and have faced many obstacles in my spiritual life, but i truly appreciate and love all of you and would love it if you let me know that you were praying, so that i can return the favor and pray for you as well, even if you don’t have any specific prayer requests. God bless you all.

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison xx


Welcome to the forums Alison and God Bless you for requesting prayers for your friends.

Will certainly keep them and you in my daily prayers…


Hi Alison,

Welcome to the forums! It’s good that you have so much love that you have for your friends. I am praying 1 decade of the Rosary ( a Hail Mary for each of your intentions).


Dear xAlisonx

Welcome to the forum :). Praying for both you and your friends.

God bless you


Alison, welcome! :slight_smile:

God bless you for your loving concern for all of your friends!
I will keep them in my prayers and Masses.

Jesus please bring Alison’s friends and loved ones into Your life so that they flourish in healing and grace.
Please help Alison to continue to grow spiritually and humanly in wholesomeness and generosity.
Please help her to fulfil Your wishes for her life.
Thank You, Jesus


Beautiful intentions.

Heavenly Father, please lend Your ear to Alison’s petitions. Hear her intentions in accord with Your holy and perfect will. Draw her, and all her friends and family close to Your heart, now and forever, and that we all may celebrate eternity with You at Your eternal banquet of joy. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :gopray2:


Welcome to the CAF Alison! :slight_smile: You’re not being selfish, those are all excellent intentions, and I shall be praying hard for all of them. I know how upsetting it is to see your friends choose to put themselves far away from God, but there is always hope.


Continued prayers for all of Alison’s friends and intentions…


Welcome, Alison. May God bless you and help you. And may He help all of your friends and bring them close to Him.


Lord, I lift up to you in prayer all these people in alison’s life: emily, faye, jack, reba, brooke, athena, kelsey, amber, andrew, kate, trisha, jen, james, caitlin, bernadette, lauren, rosemary, megan, her family, and her uncle dave. Lord, I pray for the intentions that alison laid out for these people and her other intentions as well. Thank you Lord for Alison, your shining light in the darkness of her high school. I pray that she continue to be a faithful witness to our Catholic faith. In Jesus name, I pray. Mother Mary, please pray for these intentions.




oh, wow, thank you so much to everyone who is taking the time to pray for me and for my friends. i didn’t expect such a huge response, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you. this is amazing. definitely such an incredible community. all of you are amazing, thank you so much. i truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and i will keep all of you in my prayers as well. God bless you all. xx

in the peace and love of Christ,



Your enthusiasm is infectious, will continue to keep your friends in my prayers…


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