My house closes on Wednesday

Just wanted to thank
all of you who prayed for my houses sale and my freedom from the Money pit it was becoming. I won’t go into all the stuff that happened again you can look up my older posts if curiosity gets the better of you. Just thought I would share that it did sell. Thanks again. I’m a much happier person. :thumbsup::D:):wink:

Thanks be to God.

I’m very pleased for you.
Warm wishes, and prayers for your future,


So happy to hear that! It will be a big burden lifted off your shoulders!

Thanks be to God! (and St. Joseph :wink: )

Praise Jesus! Glad that takes some stress out of your life. :smiley:

Woo hoo!:thumbsup:

Thanks be to God! I remember all of the problems that you had from the moment that you bought that place. Sometimes things just don’t turn out as we had hoped, but you have been able to get out from under it. Now you can move a place that really fits your needs, without the hassles. Congratulations!

Well it didn’t close yet. It was scheduled Wednesday and I got the word last minute that the title company needed the buyers employment verification. The buyers company said they sent it but the title company is saying they never received it. It’s possible it might close today but with how my luck runs with the house I’d say it’s more likely to happen next week if it happens. If not I’ve already moved and can’t afford rent and a mortgage so I guess the bank will get it. It’s all been out of my control from some time. Praying this house closes soon. In any event I’ve done what I can.

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