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I’m taking Humanities as a general credit for my Bachelor’s Degree. Plus I’ve always been interested in history and philosophy, and the renaissance. However, the first thing I noticed was that the material as well as the professor have a serious bias against the Catholic Church.

I understand history is history. An example would be when he was giving us the definition of reformation, he said it’s “The change for the better in a religious society.” I raised my hand and said don’t you think “for the better” is a bit subjective, obviously if you’re on one side your opinion could be different. And all he said was “well I guess if you wanna get it wrong on the test.”

This is only a really small example. Ever since I’ve been in that class all I’ve heard about is the murders the Roman Church has committed and the blood shed caused by Catholicism. I live in Southern Utah and I’m probably the only Catholic in that class.

What can I do to stick up for my faith? How can I approach it in a non-confrontational manner? What should I say to him when he makes comments like that?



Southern Utah? What faith are the majority of them - and what faith is the prof? I’m guessing either Mormon or non-denom, could be wrong of course.

I’d say quietly take it up with the prof after class. I’d put an example to him - say ‘how would you like it if I brought up Henry VIII’s and Elizabeth I’s murders of countless Catholics, or the very bloody Salem Witch Trials, massacres of Native Americans by WASP settlers, or the massacres good WASP Americans committed against Mormons in the early days of Mormonism’.

Perhaps appeal to his sense of scholarship - ie being objective about historical/social phenomena and examining ALL sides of a historical/sociological issue.

If he doesn’t listen - your college should probably have one or more staff members who are designated to be in charge of discrimination issues, which includes religious discrimination. Bring it up with them.

If all else fails - there may be ways to be crafty. After all, the Catholic counter-reformation was a religious reformation too, right? And THAT did change things for the better, no? So you could answer that question in the way the prof wants. :shrug:


Thank you very much, and to answer your question the majority of people here are Mormons, a good 80 percent. I used to be one.


I’m sorry, I edited the post as you were replying - I’ve added a bit extra, which I hope helps.


That is intellectual bullying, and as a college professor myself, I am ashamed of such tactics!

Academics respond only to credentials that equal or outrank their own, so find some Catholic apologist, like Peter Kreeft or G.K. Chesterton, and stick it to him.

Suggested Reading:
Catholic Christianity, by Peter Kreeft
Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton
The Everlasting Man, by G.K. Chesterton


Hello,your plaintive note sounds like a blast from my past…I attended college evenings for 8 years and I soon learned to not try to convert the so called professors!.They are narrow minded and walk in a lock step of bigotry and marxism. I used to call classes like that my ‘white knuckle’ sessions. Listening to the nonsense and not being able to answer such attacks is mind boggling and frustrating…but remember your role is to get that piece of sheepskin…not to convert these characters…they are too far gone and you will be marked accordingly…if its a scantron type of test thats different but a paper…watch out! In fact its best to study their beliefs and go along with the flow…I got to be so good in marxist terminology that I was approached more then once to become a member…Atheism is a disease of the mind caused by eating underdone philosophy!.Intolerance is supreme in their methods…they will make huge orations on how intolerant the RCC and organized religion is but when the belief system they have, take over a country,like in China etc…no one NO ONE is allowed to think that 2+2=4…if the rulers dictate that 2+2=5…


Did Jesus go with the flow? No, he stood up and told it like it was.

Find ways to question this professor, but make sure you have a solid basis for your questions.

Also, the role of a Christian is to spread the gospel not to get a piece of sheepskin. This might not be your time to stand up. It does show what is out there in this world. Arm yourself with knowledge about your faith.

If you need a little inspiration read this thread. The situation is not exactly the same, but it will show what one can do by educating yourself about your faith.

The young lady who started the thread has an inspirational story.

God bless


The thing that irritates me about all of this is the fact he is a college professor with a PHD and he doesn’t even think if there are any Catholics in his class. I’m worried about bringing it up to administration because this guy got “teacher of the year” so he’s really high up on the totem pole. But if he does it again I’m speaking up.


He’s full of himself and thinks he is above the uneducated, unwashed masses. I work with insufferable people just like this–more closeminded in their openmindedness than those they accuse of being closeminded.


Good suggestions here! :thumbsup: I also recommend anything by Dr. Scott Hahn. Check the link below, for suggestions. God bless.


I second the Scott Hahn recommendation, especially
Hail, Holy Queen
The Lamb’s Supper
Swear to God


Switch universities and go to Franciscan University in Ohio or any other good Catholic University if that would be possible.


Keep in mind that much of the history concerning the Catholic Church that is taught throughout public school and in the university levels in the USA, comes from the pedagogy handed down from protestant schools of thought, in particular the English.

I suggest that you study up on the “Black Legends,” which is where much of the negativity surrounding the Reformation and Inquisition comes from.

Essentially the Black Legends were tools of propaganda used by the Protestants nations against Catholic nations like Spain. These legends made their way into the education institutions and became accepted as historically accurate.

Only until recently(1998 I believe), when the Vatican opened up the archives to the historians of the world, has there been a different twist, when it comes to understanding of role the Church played in our history.

It turns out, that the Catholic Church wasn’t as powerful as we were led to believe.



Isn’t there some kind of Board of Appeal that supervises (typo?) universities and colleges? I would contact them and inform them of the situation (for all the good it’ll do…?)
His statements were unscientific, and unworthy of the seriousness with which academic studies should be pursued.


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