My husband told me he wanted to become Catholic today!


My husband has been attending the Catholic church with me since we got married almost 4 years ago. Today he told me that he thinks that he wants to become Catholic!!!!! :D:D:D:D I am so excited, but very unfamiliar with the process. Can anyone give me some basics of how it will go? How long it will last? If I can be his sponsor? Thanks so much!!!!


Contact your local Parish Priest about your husbands enrollment in RCIA. It normally takes around 12 months, but can vary according to each person. Some people take longer, some quicker. I don’t know anything about sponsership so I will leave that to the rest of the forum.

Congratulations, God Bless.:yyeess:


Praise be to the Lord!! I’m happy for you! Pray that my wife, an agnostic, has a similar awakening to the beauty and truth of the church.


I nearly broke up with my husband when we were dating for fear that he’d ask me to become Catholic. I refused to marry him in a church as well. We were married in 2002. Yesterday, I told him I want to convert and have our marriage blessed. You could have knocked him over with a feather - especially since he hasn’t been home at all for this (military) and didn’t see it coming!

Keep praying about it. I’ll pray for you. Anything can happen!


That’s awesome! Welcome home to your husband!! :thumbsup:


Welcome home to your husband - congrats to you and God bless your family!!!


Awesome! :thumbsup:


This is so much better than the usual Family Living thread we seem to have been getting - so thank you very much and God bless you again.


I'm so happy for you! Generally, I think spouses aren't encouraged to be sponsors to eachother. May the Lord continue to bless your family. :)


How wonderful! Blessings on your family!


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