My husband's family says im not going to be seen in heaven since im not mormon...

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This is my 1st time posting…well I came from a catholic background so therefore I do consider myself catholic…my husband is mormon but doesn’t not practice the religion…meaning he doesn’t go to his church…anyway…for years now his family has tried to convince me to convert to mormon…well I did consider it but was very disapointed when they were comparing their religion to others…how their church is “the true and only church”…how if anyone is not sealed in the temple they would not be allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven? I have asked myself why they think they are soo sure they are saved? Why do they think their religion is superior of all others?( of course they do some major trash talking about these other religions , don’t want to get into details) Wouldn’t only GOD know these answers?? I have only kept my mouth shut since I really don’t know what to reply to such ignorant people??What are your thoughts ?

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Remember, as Catholics, we too believe that our Church is the “one, true Church”, the Church founded by Jesus Christ, never falling away, existing since He founded it, with all authority. So that’s one thing that you can compare. Now, Mormons believe in three “levels” or kingdoms of glory, i.e. three kingdoms of Heaven. The one your in-laws are referring to is the “Celestial Kingdom”. Mormons believe that to be “exalted”, or to become a god, you have to receive certain “ordinances”, including those performed in their temples. This includes the sealing that you are referring to, i.e. eternal marriage. So, you won’t be exalted if you aren’t eternally married, among other things. Of course, Mormons also do these ceremonies for the dead, so, in theory, once you’ve passed on, you can receive your sealing, endowment, baptism, etc. by having a living person stand in for you (be a proxy). You do not have to be baptized Mormon (whether in this life or the next) to go to the two lower levels of Heaven, in their belief.

Mormons believe that their church is the restored church of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus established His Church, then because of wickedness, an apostasy started, and culminated in the loss of priesthood authority on earth. This was lost until Joseph Smith was called by God in the 1800s to restored God’s church, and now the priesthood is back on earth, only found in the Mormon church. Comparatively, as Catholics, we believe that the priesthood authority and God’s church has never left the earth, and has existed on earth since Jesus Christ established the Church, the Catholic Church.

You should tell your Mormon in-laws as nicely as possible that you appreciate their concern for you, but that you are faithful to your Catholic beliefs (i hope you are!), and that you have no interest in converting. I’m sure they will understand, especially if you are firm in telling them how you feel.

Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to read the articles on this website on Catholicism, as well as the Catholic perspective on Mormonism.

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You got some good answers so far. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Mormonism to help you that way, but may I suggest you look into what the Catholic church teaches? It will help you strenghten your own faith and make it easier to guard yourself from their influence. The Catechism is the best source of info you can have, and also Catholicism for Dummies gets many positive reviews here.

God bless!

I don’t want to get nasty, but the boot’s on the other foot. They won’t be going to heaven.

I’d suggest you stick to the Catholic Church,and start reading some literature that refers you to Catholic truth. Find out about it’s history, the sacraments, the Church fathers and so on. If you’re ignorant of your own church’s history you are an easier target.

THen when you’re more secure in your own faith (and not till then), go looking for flaws in the Mormon position. They start at the very beginning of the movement.

I am a little skeptical of your post because you are not using Mormon terminology, terminology that your husband and his family would use. Mormons never talk about being saved or seen in heaven. But they do mention the celestial, terrestial or celestial kingdoms. But being saved is not part of their vocabulary. Also, no mormon would ever say that only those who are married in the temple are going to heaven. But they would say that those who are married in the temple and who remain faithful will inherit the highest degree of glory.

Sorry if I am skeptical of your post and of your experience.

Actually mormons will be going to heaven. Most live faithful and godly lives. And they attempt to live holy and obedient lives with the gospel as their guide. And yes, they believe in Jesus Christ as their savior.

But the poster did not use mormon vocabulary. She used very born again penecostal terminology. I am just a little skeptical of the post.

It’s too bad they’re your in-laws. Otherwise, when they tell you that you’re going to Hell, you could inform them that if they’re not there it really can’t be Hell. :wink:

I would say, "my religion was founded by Jesus, not some drunkard using magic gloggles reading golden plates that he wouldn’t let anyone see."
But on a serious note, I went to Salt Lake City a year ago. And I went to the Temple Square. And people creeped me out. I never want to share any space with any of them. Can somebody say CULT?!

Ah the irony:D

Wait do you hear that could it be the Bells of St. Mary’s or maybe …it’s crooning

Couldn’t resist the temptation to try to descredit anyone who has a bad experience with the LDS Church or its members, could you? :shrug:

Well I grew up a member of the LDS faith. I can say I learned a good deal about Jesus Christ. I developed a love for hime whilst growing up Mormon, however as I grew older I could see some very blatant flaws in their teaching. “By their fruits ye shall know them” When I did some research on Joseph Smith the “Founder” or the man who “Re-established” Christs church I found some very disturbing information. From Bank Fraud, Plural Marriage, and other radical teachings the list can go on and on.
When I look at the “Fruits” offered by the founder of the Catholic Church…“God” I found and Ikow this may come as a surprise NO disturbing information. Gods church was founded by a perfect being with perfect love imparting the information needed for Salvation.

For Mormons it boils down not to whether or not you have a testimony of Jesus Christ but if you have a testimony of Joseph Smith. You either believe he was a prophet and rebuilt Christs church or you don’t. I don’t.
The Catholic Church is Gods church, it is the ONLY church with his authority. This line of Authority is documented from Peter to the present day. God wouldn’t establish his church then take it away, he said so himself. Anyone can make up a fantastic story about seeing God and Jesus Christ, getting Gold Plates written in some acient language, establishing “Christs” Church which only serves to fulfill the selfish needs of Joseph Smith and other high ranking officals in the church.
Sorry for my rambling, stay true to your Catholic Faith, hold onto it, derive strength knowing you follow Gods word, his tradition, his Holy Spirit is active because of the truthfullness The Catholic Church provides. Stay strong and be an example of what a TRUE Follower Christ is.

I agree with all of this except the first part. You cannot say that “they won’t be going to Heaven”. As Catholics, we believe that there will be many non-Catholics in Heaven, including non-Christians. You can’t say that they won’t be going to Heaven just because they’re Mormon. That is not Catholic teaching.

As anyone with experience of the mormon church will tell you, her inlaws do not sound mormon. They would not use such language to describe what she said. They have a different vocabulary. Mormons have three degrees of glory and each glory is heaven. And all mormons know that we do go to one degree of glory depending on our worthiness. So her language of being saved is not what mormons use. Mormons are not born again penecostals.

Well, her inlaws do not sound mormon to me. Since when would a mormon say that if one is not married in the temple they would not go to heaven? That is not mormon doctrine.

Joseph Smith was a drunkard? Really? Now of course 11 people saw the plates and 8 people touched the plates and turned the pages over. I have been down this road before. Well anyway here I go again:

Be it known unto all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people, unto whom this work shall come: That Joseph Smith, Jun., the translator of this work, has shown unto us the plates of which hath been spoken, which have the appearance of gold; and as many of the leaves as the said Smith has translated we did handle with our hands; and we also saw the engravings thereon, all of which has the appearance of ancient work, and of curious workmanship. And this we bear record with words of soberness, that the said Smith has shown unto us, for we have seen and hefted, and know of a surety that the said Smith has got the plates of which we have spoken. And we give our names unto the world, to witness unto the world that which we have seen. And we lie not, God bearing witness of it.
Christian Whitmer
Jacob Whitmer
Peter Whitmer, Jun
John Whitmer
Hiram Page
Joseph Smith, Sen
Hyrum Smith
Samuel H. Smith

Please get your facts right. :slight_smile:

Who cares if she isn’t getting the terminology correct, she isn’t Mormon. We are giving her advice as she requested. You aren’t doing anything here. This is a common tactic, whether by amateur apologists, discussion derailers, FAIR/FARMS/MI, etc Discredit the person. Nothing new here.

Since when does a Catholic proselyte for the Mormon church?

Off topic, this is not about the book of mormon witnesses. Do you do this derailing in every thread?

I do believe that Nero would have said the same about the christians during his time.

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