my jew friends pls give me some authentic information about kabbalah

if any jew friend here then pls give me some authentic information about kabbalah.i want to know about it an important part of judaism?or a heresy in the view point of judaism?i read about it in wikipidia but i think its not if any1 can give me some info about kabbalah from another jewish website then it will be helpfull for me.thanks

This is the link to the Wikipedia entry you referenced:

It covers everything. You have to be 40 and a Jewish man to study Kabbalah. You can see the issues with it, such as dualism.

I wouldn’t recommend joining a secular Kabbalah class. It’s people opening up unknown spiritual doors.

I don’t know if there are any middle-aged Jewish men here who could give you an in-depth lesson in Kabbalah.

Whot not research Christian mysticism?

Kabbalah is Jewish mysticsm and covers a wide variety of subjects. Since it deals in the mystic and esoteric, it is very easy to take what it teaches out of context. One of the reasons that tradition requires a firm grounding in the knowledge of the Torah, Prophets, etc.

Btw, it is only the Ashenaizi Jews that instituted the 40 and over requirement. The Sephardic Jews do not put a specific age requirement on learning kabalah.

thanks flower but i already read if any1 can give me another source it will be helpful for me.but thanks both of you for replies and concern.

Can Sephardic women study Kabbalah?

I believe there is also a Christian version of Kabbalah. It’s more or less the same they just extend some of the symbols to include Christ and view some of the sephiroth in a pseudo-Christian context.

The Christian Kabbalah- is it considered okay for Catholics to study? I have heard of other esoteric subjects merging with Catholicism, but they were also dangerous. Ex, Catholic Wicca. Please tell me more!

I’m not sure if the main Church has made any sort of statement about it one way or the other tbh. I know that some of the schismatic Catholic groups like the Liberal Catholic Church International are OK with it.

Usually though Christian themed mysticism that crosses over into what would traditionally be considered a form of magick like Theurgy and such are usually frowned upon. I believe that part of foundational problem with these systems is not always so much in regards to its theories and philosophy as much as it creates a system that seems to assume that divine and natural law must submit to certain formulas which can then be manipulated at human will. Like causing acts of creation or manipulation by intoning the true name of God, an angel and or a demon.

I don’t think there is a prohibtion against women. And you can find many rabbis, especially from Chabbad, who are happy to teach kabalah to any jew who is interested. Their feeling being, that if there are jews who are only interested in the mysticism aspect of Judaism, this should be strengthened, rather than ignored.

What about Catholics who want to study Kabbalah from a rabbi? Would that be encouraged?

I seen a documentry about Kabbalah and it showed Pope John Paul ii with a Kabbalah ring on…
The story went on to say that thats what the knights templars went looking for the final teachings of Kabbalah that was under Solomens temples…

Dont know how true that was but they seems pretty good in there evidance and knowledge.:)

In general, no. But i’m sure you could find a willing rabbi who would be willing to teach the more spiritual and less judeo centered aspects of kaballah.

Do all rabbis study or practice kaballah? Do some frown upon it and consider it witchdraft? Are there religious ceremonies involved with the practice of kaballah? If so are they secret? Are practitioners of kaballah who are publicly lacivious and lead impious lives such as Madonna taken seriously by other practitoners?

Not all rabbis study Kabalah. I don’t know if any consider it witchcraft, but I’m sure there are some who consider it outside normative judaism. Most of Kabalah that is studied today does not involve what could be considered “magic” or ritual. Those aspects that do focus on this are unfamiliar tome and I don’t know of anyone who practices them. In general I believe that it is taught to engage in such practices is forbidden.

Kabalah centers such as the one Madonna is assocaited with are not viewed seriously withing the religious community for the most part. But that doesn’t mean Madonna has not found spiritual well being in her studies.

actually my friends i wanted some authentic information about kabbalah.can you give me some web address about it except wikipedia?i want some jewish web address.if any1 can then pls give me.thanks

The above gives a very general and understandable intro.

Then you might want to try the link it suggests:

Do the majority or does a significant minority study or practice kaballa? Is it a study or a practice? Are those who consider it ouside the norm the majority, if you know? Are there ceremonies involved like initiation ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, vows, special prayers, etc.?

It is a virtual certainty that the pop cult icon has not found spiritual well being through any practice, kaballah or other. Based on her latest public display she is not spiritually well, although she may be aware she is unwell and seeking wellness.

But when you say that the center with which she is associated is not taken seriously by the religious community, do you mean the Jewish religious community or the Jewish kaballah religious community? Is it the norm within rabbinical Judaism to study or practice kaballah, or is it an offshoot that most Jews disregard as outside the norm?

“To You, God, is greatness, strength, modesty, victory, awe, for all that is in heavens and earth; to You, God, is the kingdom.” (1 Chronicles 29:11)

A lot of Kabalah is in a sense based on this passage.

The great majority that do study Kabalah do not study what has been termed “practical Kabalah” which is essentially invoking God’s name for the purpose of manipulating reality through the power of God. There are plenty of stories and warnings against such actions, so it would surprise me to find any rabbi who practices this today. Certainly he would be in minority. Kabalah is mostly (if not entirely) a study as opposed to a practice and I don’t know of any cermonies assocaited with it, other than the traditional blessings we say before we study.

But when you say that the center with which she is associated is not taken seriously by the religious community, do you mean the Jewish religious community or the Jewish kaballah religious community? Is it the norm within rabbinical Judaism to study or practice kaballah, or is it an offshoot that most Jews disregard as outside the norm?

I mean both. Because these Kabalah centers are not really teaching Kaballah. They tend to ignore, for example, the many prohibitions/warnings against greed, lust, hedonism, etc. In short, they are more concerned with giving the people what they want (for a price) than in teaching aspects of Kabalah that are more closely tied to judaism and an understanding of jewish texts.

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