My job and Easter


This will be the second year in a row that my company has scheduled major work for the week leading up to Easter. I work in IT and our department has to support Disaster Recovery testing. I’m hoping to be able to take Good Friday off and not have to work the weekend.

I’m tempted to just tell my boss that I’ll be away that weekend but that wouldn’t be right.


Thanks for listening, I just wanted to rant about this. :o


I would just be honest with your boss and say that you are not able to work due to religious obligations and leave it at that. If he presses you, then you could explain further if necessary.


Let’s face it, the IT world is well, kind of like living in a shadow land.

I would do one of the following, PROVIDED I WAS NOT THE LEAD TECH:

1.) Claim religious exemption. I mean, whose bright idea was it to blow off Easter? Do they make muslims work on certain holidays, or jews on say Yom Kippur? If pressed, explain that this is the big deal for Christians, not Christmas.
2.) Take vacation time, even if it interferred with other planned vacations, if the religious exemption didn’t work. When I worked out in the “real world” and not in non-profits, I tried to plan my vacations around holidays and weekends, anyway, where those days stretched my vacation days.


Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t have a problem using vacation time as the company is generous with those and so I have days to spare. As a matter of fact, I believe the Boston Communion and Liberation group will have their annual Good Friday procession through downtown Boston. I was hoping to attend that.

Maybe next year, I’ll put in for the whole week off and give them a 6-month advance notice.



I hear ya! I work in IT too. They seem to do everything in the Spring. Our big major upgrade of the year was supposed to happen in “early April” They can never tell us in advance, they usually spring it on us at the last minute because the Vendors won’t commit to a date. This year, my boss (Who’s catholic) told them that we’re doing it the last weekend in March or we’ll find a new vendor! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s on my Calendar now and my Calendar for April is free (Except for my little guy’s birthday on the 30th)

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