My job is getting to me


Hi everyone. I’m Serina, I’m 19 years old, and I’m considering a vocation to religious life. Progress on this is slow, so in the meantime I have a job taking care of a 20 m/o baby boy while his mother and father are at work. My job is really starting to get to me. I don’t really make much money, it’s less than minimum wage. I have to get up every day at 5:20 am and go to bed really early too. When I get to work I have several hours alone before he wakes up, and during that time there really isn’t much for me to do except pray, watch boring tv shows, and surf the internet. When the baby gets up, and after I get him ready for the day and everything, there’s not much to do except read a book or watch him play.

I feel like I’m only really living from the time I get home–about 1:30 in the afternoon, until about 9:00 when I have to get ready for bed. I’m sort of upset because I’m not making more money from this job, but the family is struggling to take care of themselves so I can’t ask for(or expect) a raise. I want to keep this job because I don’t know that I can find another one if I quit, it was really hard to find this one. Plus the family is depending on me, it would be hard for them to find a babysitter to replace me. If I did quit the job, it might look bad on my resume, and I need some job experience anyway to make my resume look good.

So my question is, what can I do to make my job more fulfilling? I don’t want to be one of those people continually dreaming of Friday. I want to know that what I’m doing at work is actually leading me towards my true vocation, or could be a part of my vocation. What could I do so that I don’t spend my day in idleness?

Any advice would be helpful.


Look for a new job while you have your current job. That way you can make an easy transfer. And entrust everything to God.


I might not be able to get a new job. I don’t have a car, and this job is the only job experience that I have. So I’m not sure I can get another one.


I have a 20 month old son, so I understand it can be hard to have meaningful conversation with someone that age.

That said, there are a lot of teaching opportunities. Little children have to learn so much in such a little amount of time. Can you try to think of ways you can teach this little boy? When you are reading, ask him to point to specific things in the book, or find something that is a certain color.

If you could think of yourself as a teacher to this child, would that help you feel more fulfilled in this job?


Sound like a dream job to help you study your faith. All that extra time to spend on Catholic Answers Forum, reading the Bible, teaching the little fellow about GOD. I could probably find a thousand people that would gladly trade places with you. Enjoy the time and learn. Take care.


I agree with the above poster… use this time to discern your vocation futher. Read about the saints, research communities and try to learn more about them, pray. All this downtime may be a gift after all.


Hi Serina,
Perhaps you can pretend that you’re a religious sister and have been assigned to this task by your superior. I believe this job is a good test of your vocation. The religious brothers and sisters take a vow of obedience (in addition to that of poverty and chastity) and if you were to enter a convent you can expect your postulancy and novitiate to revolve around it… and to get up very early as well.

FYI, I’m not a religious and likewise have been struggling with motivation and enjoyment at work. Ever since I’ve accepted that this may be my lot in life, I’ve been happier because I can truly live in the “little way” of St. Therese. I think it really pleases the Lord when we offer up our little struggles and accept the temporary constraints that He throws our way.

When you talk to Him, don’t complain about your circumstances, but thank Him for the lessons He’s teaching you in humility. And if you wish to be a saint, ask for more.


Folks, please check out this site at It is hosted by a Catholic man.


Yes,so does my job!I think that what gets me down at times is the fact that I feel frustrated that my deep longing to serve God is not being forfilled,I was on the verge of chucking my present job in,however: I attended a Mass when the priest just happened to give a message that Courage & Patience is needed to an heroic degree if we are to serve God fruitfully.This has given me encouragement to “carry my little cross” with Jesus,as St James points out that perseverance too gives us the ability to endure.I guess when St.John of the Cross was "Jailed"by his well intentional “brothers” and treated in such a cruel & harsh manner,perhaps his first reaction was anger-who knows,but instead the Dark Night of The Soul poetry was the final product.Perhaps we could pray for each other that Gods’Will be done in our life and in the mean time “put on a happy face"as Blessed Mother Theresa said (and did),smiling can change the world.I also loved some of the other practical remarks that were suggested-God loves a cheerfull giver.May The Mother of The Eternal Priest & Victim obtain from her Son Jesus all the graces that we & God Bless.Mary is important, because Jesus is important!!
ps sorry for being” preachy"but it does come from the heart!


use the time for on-line education, sign up for a college course.

most moms of a baby will wonder how you end up with all this free time and want to know your secret


Dear Serina,
I came accross this article the other day----WAITING.“Waiting on God is restorative.It is one of the tools God uses to remake us into what we were designed to be in the beginning.Yet I don’t like to wait,and I still struggle to wait well.How about you?
The next time God calls you to wait,don’t let your mind go to the dentist’s office.Picture in your mind the nibble and skilled fingers of a potter who is putting pressure on the clay right where it’s needed,so that it will take on the beauty that is its potential.And with this picture in mind,give thanks for the very moment that once would have driven you crazy”
(A shelter in the Time of Storm)by Paul David Tripp.
I know this is sort of general feel good stuff,but the truth is still there.I was a full time carer for an elderly person for a couple of years-so I sort of know the boredom & lack of personal interaction with others,still it had it’s benefits-e.g.I read the completed works of Robert L.Stevenson(22 volumns!)I learnt a lot from Dr.Phil-(Dear Jesus,Bless him with the full knowledge of your Truth)-- does good work-pity he is not a Catholic!!!(weak on artificial contraception).You are still a young person and hopefully in good health & plenty of energy,why not seek a part time job in the afternoon where you have social contact (check out chick, at a fast foods place for example).Am I harsh?Swap places with your employers’wife–she works at home for free after you leave,say from 1.30pm until 7am(i know it is her responsibility),and then she goes to her paid job when you come–to help pay you -silly is it not!!?.This extra work might help you save some money,should you need to have a certain amount to contribute or bring with you ,should you be called to a religious order that requires this.
What ever about the bull dust above-I do trust that you are taking advise from a good,wise,learned (and holy if possible!!) personal spiritual director Priest or Religious director(p.s.let me know when you find one–ask the Holy Spirit for this!!!),for they know you personally and your interior aspirations.
Well enought doctor Spock stuff-back to cleaning,washing &mowing the lawn!!!
Love & God Bless


Thank you so much for your advice everyone. Please pray for me. I’m trying to prepare myself for today, but I don’t know how things will go. This job requires so much generosity, and it is so easy to make a terrible mistake from a lack of patience and love. I think only a mother’s heart could have enough strength to keep up with this job…please pray for me.


Dear Serina,
You seem like a very sweet person,keep up your spirits and try not to focus on the negatives.You are right about needing a mother’s heart.A priest once told me that a successful religious/priest is one that would have made a good wife or husband.They saw this good but were willing to follow the call of Christ which renounces this way of life.May Our Holy Mother embrace you with her Motherly & Immaculate Heart-Will try to keep you in my prayer intentions, asking you to do the same–God hears the cry of the poor!!:slight_smile:


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