My journey to Catholicism and the SSPX


They also reject the revelations to Saint Faustina and believe that’s Divine Maercy is a hoax to distract the world from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


One question I have. I didn’t know of the Saint Faustina thing but has anyone heard of some book some nun wrote called Poem of the Man God a lot of people are telling me to read?


I never heard this claim before, but if they do or do not that’s up to them, after all the Divine Mercy is not an article of faith.


Me too friend!


The Poem was written by a laywoman and supposed mystic named Maria Valtorta. It’s chock-full of errors and should be given a wide berth. The SSPX used to sell the Poem of the Man-God on Angelus Press but withdrew it when they realized just how heretical it was.


How nice it would be if they also realized their disobedience was born out of a pride along the lines of “I will not serve”. How many people have they led away from the Magesterium… Praying the superiors will repent of it and come back into the fold. They’ve been offered a chance many times.


Thanks you very much for you r testimony. I am happy for you And understanf your revelàtion trough latin mass. I wishes i have a traditional parish near too!

If you search a canonically correct société for eg for mariage, saint Peter for eg.


No, it was born out of great love for the Church and the treasure of tradition.


Well, it manifested itself in an act of prideful disobedience.


Oh it’s a total thing.


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Oh I see.
I don’t know someone told me the vision of the stars and planets in it as described in the book on the night of the nativity match completely with what astronomers say would have been how they were aligned, which I found fascinating when I heard of this work.


Though I haven’t read that particular passage, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Valtorta’s writings contained genuine astrological or topographical facts that a woman of her education couldn’t have known. However, the presence of these facts wouldn’t be any more indicative of divine inspiration than the scientific “miracles” in the Koran. It is very easy for a demon to give a “visionary” information about star positions, geology, or botany; sound theology is another matter entirely. You can find a short critique of Valtorta’s faulty theology in this 1991 article by Fr. Laisney:

Fr. Laisney concludes by saying: “…these books must not be read! The Angelus Press here apologizes to its readers for having carried these titles in its catalogue, upon the misguided recommendation of good men.”


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