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Hi all,
I am a Protestant - Evangelical - Fundamentalist - who has discovered the One Holy Catholic Church. How did I get here? Five years ago, I heard for the first time on a Christian radio program - RC Sproul - a Reformed theologian - I never heard a preacher like him before because he was using Latin terms I never heard of and was talking about the Reformation - I’d only heard of that but never in evangelical circles - it wasn’t important. Anyway, RC thought it was important to rediscover “the Light of the Reformation” - I was very interested. I began reading Sproul’s books and registered on a Reformed theological forum - from there I was introduced to Roman Catholicism and was shocked that there were Catholics defending their faith - their Church! Everything I ever heard about Catholicism before was proven wrong. I began praying the Rosary 4 years ago and attending daily Mass at a church not far from my office. I began to see changes in my inner being - I was becoming more loving and losing my arrogant and judgemental attitudes towards people in general and I realized how damaged I had become with my former faith. I developed a love for Holy Mother Church and a deep appreciation of Mary, Mother of God.
Pray for me please as I am now living in a mixed marriage - my wife staunchly holding on to her Protestant fundamentalist beliefs.

Pax Vobiscum,


Praise Jesus! More of us are coming home!
You will be prayed for.



How about sharing with us your conversion story?
Tell us what drew you into becoming a convert, the issues you faced, and how you overcame those issues. This can be helpful for those facing similar problems. By sharing these stories, people might discover they are not alone as they first thought!
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Welcome Home brother in Christ :thumbsup:



We would love to hear the details to your journey into the Catholic Church. Without a doubt, the Holy Spirit is working within you and I admire your courage.


“The Mass is the most perfect form of prayer.” Pope Paul VI.


Twiggymoo -

Fantastic story! I was an R.C. Sproul fan in my previous life also! We have had very similar paths. R.C. Sproul was one of the first theologians (the other was Francis Schaffer) that opened my mind to dig deeper than I had ever imagined I was able. He was challenging, and that opened up a whole new world to me. Once I realized that I could understand what he was talking about, and then understand what I was getting to know through reading, I felt like something new was coming to life for me, it was an amazing transformation!

And it was in going back to the Reformation theologies that I then found references to the Early Church Fathers, and after finding them, well, the rest as they say, is history! Of course, at the same time I discovered EWTN, so I was given the one-two punch, I was no match for that kind of strategy!

I was received into the Church this past Easter and I will never, ever go back to Fundamentalism/Evangelicalism again. You can’t put the skin back on the onion!

God bless you on your continued journey. He will see you all the way home. He hasn’t led you this far to not get you all the way there!

I understand the pain of having to go this alone. I had to make that journey alone also, but it will make you stronger and more appreciative of a faith worth paying a price for, that pearl of great price!

Jeanette L


I said a prayer for you. I prayed to our Mother also so she can pray for you too. :gopray:

I also said a prayer for your wife. I also prayed that you be very loving to her and to be patient with her. Just love her to death, love her with all your might. “Show” her your faith with your love for her and she shall also be converted. I’m sure you already love her otherwise she wouldn’t be your wife :wink: but show her and be patient with her and hopefully with that she will see that the Catholic Church is where she should be also.

Keep praying the Rosary. Pray a rosary a day for your wife! Miracles can happen with the Rosary as it is the prayer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m so glad you’re Home here in the Catholic Church. :yup: Welcome Home! :dancing:

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