My kids evangalizing......I must be doing something right!


I’m having a proud mommy moment. :smiley:

I have two kids here this summer that I’m babysitting. They are 5 & 9. They apparently are Catholic and attend a Catholic school. Well, they were just sitting at the table eating lunch and my youngest dd started talking about how much she “hates” Satan (gotta love her, she’s only 5 :slight_smile: ). Well, the 9 year old boy didn’t know who Satan was. Didn’t know who the Devil was. From his response, it sounds like nobody bothered to talk to him about it. Sad, huh? Especially considering he goes to a Catholic school…

Anyways, all 3 of my kids chimed in and informed them of who Satan is, that he was a good angel that was thrown out of Heaven because he turned bad. Then ds asked them if they ever heard of Jesus and proceeded to tell the kids all about Jesus and if they follow him, they won’t have to go live with Satan when they die.

:smiley: :smiley: I’m proud. And I’m shocked at how much my kids knew…:thumbsup:


Ok - sitting here with tears in my eyes!!! That is so wonderful and amazing! You are doing something right - keep it up, whatever it is!! No wonder you are so proud!




:extrahappy: :clapping: Oh wow! What great kids! And how very sweet of your 5 year old to just strike up a conversation about how much she hates Satan! All those frustrations and sacrifices are paying off. Maybe that time you spent in Adoration the other night… :slight_smile:


LOl, shes always talking about how much she hates Satan. She’ll say, “I love EVERYBODY! Mommy, Daddy, Jimmy, Ally, Jacob etc. etc, but I hate Satan. He’s bad, ewwwwwwwww!” Then she’ll scrunch her face up in a grimace and put her fists up like she’s gonna knock Satan into next week. :smiley:

She’s a hoot.


I’ll second the great kids comment. Keep up the good work.
When dd was about 18 months, she and I were walking through the lobby at our local Catholic high school on the way to diaper change. There was a statue of Mary, and she went up to it, said “Jesus’ mommy”, and gave the statue a hug and a kiss on the belly! She did the same thing when the traveling icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe came to our parish! It’s really awesome to see the faith of the wee ones!


I was babysitting some kids and the four year old climbed up on the couch and kissed one of the nuns in a painting we have, and did the sign of the cross (nuns skating on the Rideau Canal… my husband loves it ). I thought it was… interesting. She maybe thought it was a saint? Not sure but cute nevertheless.


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