My kids in catechism class

My kids were given homework in catechism class today, and it’s a simple answer the questions page. One of the questions is asking, what is the fruit that Adam and Eve ate. I found it kind of strange for that to be asked since it does not state in Genesis what the fruit is, although it is commonly believed that it is an apple. I was just wondering if this is actual tradition or not. I know that many people will say that, but the scriptures dont say what the fruit was, just that it is the forbidden fruit.

They ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.


I would think that since the Catholic church is so full of symbols and making the stories more “real”… that the apple is the accepted answer…
but I would have to say that if your child puts “forbidden fruit” down as the answer it is obviously correct.


Or they could say that the bible does not say what kind of fruit it was, but popular tradition tells us it was an apple.

As a CCD teacher, this is the most appropriate and RIGHT answer. I would have to say this is the answer the teacher is really looking for.

This was the answer that first sprung to my mind as well. I guess I’ve been so “aware” for so long that Genesis doesn’t say that Adam and Eve ate an “apple”, that I’ve all but forgotten that popular perception.

I do wonder where that tradition originated of seeing the fruit as an apple. Was it just some artist’s rendition of the Fall at some point in history?

Almost certainly the point was to have the children discover for themselves that it was NOT an apple, or any other fruit they might think of, and set up a conversation about what the “knowledge of good and evil” means.

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner.

Your kids have a good teacher, he/she is working to get past the “cultural myths” about the faith.

We CCD teachers have to do this, every year I have to break it to at least half of my students that people DO NOT become angels when they die.

Grr. One of my “favorites” - I’ve heard it from professional religious . . . .

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