My kids wanted to go to universal studios Hollywood


Halloween horror nights, is it bad to go to?


I think that it’s a little too intense for younger children. Teens would like it. I’d direct them to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at WDW or Mickey’s Halloween in Disneyland.

Full disclosure I’m a big Disney fan and shareholder, but I hear that HHN is very intense, bloody, and scary.


You mean is it sinful? No.

Is it a good idea? Depends on your kids/how old they are. If they’re five, you’re just asking for nightmares. If they’re older, sure.


Thanks for your input, yes they are teenagers and I have two little ones but they are staying with their grandparents. :+1:t3:


Both Disney and Universal Studios seem to be big hits with teens. I’ve been to both. Universal is way more “intense”.

No, you’re not sinning. Moderation in all things, though.


Shouldn’t this topic be located in Catholic Living?


Go with them and have fun storming the castle. :grin:


Sorry , I am new to this and I didn’t know where to ask! Thanks!


Ive been wanting to go just to see the wizarding world of Harry Potter, but I’ll probably hold off until the Jurassic World ride is done. Id usually spent a good 2-3 hours on jurrassic park, I love that ride.


I love Halloween especially for our local haunted house.


I don’t see why it would be a problem


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