My latest beef

On the news last week, Today show, they aired a story about the new home DNA test kit that was coming on the market. In the story, they showed a young woman pushing a baby stroller and commented that now “Katie” can find out for certain that her boyfriend is the father of her child. I just about went ballistic. First of all, I think the need for such a product is ridiculous. Secondly, any person that would allow such information about themselves to be broadcast on national television - I can’t even comment how I feel about that. Finally, I was torked at how reporter so nonchalantly made these statements - like the young woman’s behavior was Ok.

I think I’m getting old…

Well don’t ever watch The Maury Povich Show. Apparently most every show is a Paternity test with some girls trying multiple times to find out who is their " baby-daddy?!":eek: :cool:

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