My little girl at a recent mass


I thought it would be nice to give you all a smile…

My wife and I were sitting in the back pew last weekend with our 13-month-old daughter. An unusual number of congregants became impatient and decided to leave mass early. As they were walking out the back door during the closing song, my daughter turned and started slowly waving bye-bye to them with a totally straight face. You should have seen the lady who had moved to the back to sell SCRIP cracking up at my daughter’s gesture!



Thanks! I needed that.

This reminds me of when we were at my MIL’s funeral. During communion, our DD (just under a year at the time) lightened the mood by giving everyone high fives as they were walking down the aisle to receive our Lord.


very cute.
there should be a two-year-old at every funeral to lighten the mood.

by granddaughter was much worse, since daddy usually had her standing in the back by this time, she would shout out “bye-bye” as she waved to the early-leavers. she did then and still does have a booming voice.


I heard that when people exit after receiving Communion its called the “Judas Shuffle.” That always cracked me up.

We had a wonderful priest who recently passed. We were all waiting and singing as he walked down the isle at the end of Mass one Sunday. He saw someone wasnt singing so as he passed them, he handed them his hymnal with this smile like…“caught ya not singing!” haha.



She sounds like a little Jiminy Crickett. Cute.


As we usually sit in the back, I may have to teach my 15 mo old to do that :slight_smile: I’m not sure exactly what the rule is but I always tell my kids that we don’t leave until Father leaves, that makes it pretty easy because usually the last song ends as he is walking to the door for greetings.



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