My loved ones need you my LORD GOD!

Lord I pray and thank you in advance for the restoration of my relationships and heal my loved ones and close friends Josie , Deborah, Minella, Michealina, Cailin, Dagmara, Olivia, Viola, Marta, Megan,krystal, Stephanie, Michelle, Dayna, Renata , Basia . Lord i pray that you my Lord will soften their hearts towards me, heal their bodies, minds and emotions and that they will see that I love and care about them and i have a caring and receptive heart that I express to them and that they come to me . Lord heal them and help them and give them loving , caring hearts and let them see you in all things. Lord bless them with joy and happiness and I thank you Lord that I was blessed by each one of my girlfriends in the past and will be in the future and now . Lord i pray that I am strong and HEALED and be able to serve the Lord.Lord I pray for the following needs: Deliverance, Health & Healing, Emotional needs met for me and each of my loved ones and financial needs met through selling house at very high price.Lord let each of my loved ones be on their knees in prayer to you and rely ing on you for all things. Let their hearts love you . Let them open their hearts and love me as a brother in Christ.thanks Lord, in Jesus name, amen. Lord banish anxiety and stress and doubts and worry from their hearts and minds and replace it with faith and trust in you., Let only love flourish in them. thanks LORD, in Jesus’s name, amen. Lord heal Eli, Lois and John d’s sister and each and everyone of my loved ones and heal me from head to toe. Praise God. Thanks LORD, in Jesus’s name, amen. Everyone pray !.thanks for praying , . Thanks everyone . God bless you all, John

praying with you

Lord please hear and grant John’s heartfelt and urgent prayers for his loved ones.
Please abundantly bless them, and him, in this new year and decade.

For you and all your loved ones, John.

Our Father…
Hail Mary…
Glory be…


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