My Mom Called Me a Bigot

Tonight I had a discussion about women priests. I explained that Jesus only chose men to be priests but she insist he did it because of cultural biases and she called me a bigot and knowing that I use this site she said it teaches “garbage” and she is not going to donate to help with CA’s summer deficit like she was previously going to do.

Any advice on what to do?:confused:

Pray for your mother and give her the infallible statement by John Paul II:

It is not CAF promoting “garbage.” It is CAF promoting Church doctrine.

Is your mom Catholic?

Encourage your mother to visit the WOC (Women’s Ordination Council)…if she is a good Catholic she may see the light. Also, one of the women who chose to be “ordained” has a site…her name is Joan Houk…the visual of these women has awakened a few of my friends who believed that the Church is sexist.

I will pray for you…we should always think before we speak…especially to our childen. God bless you for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Are you sure that Ordinatio Sacerdotalis is infallible?


While Ordinatio sacerdotalis sounds like it meets the criteria of infalliblity to me, I also admit that one of the paradoxes of papal infallibility is that there’s no general agreement about WHICH papal statements are in fact infallible.

Are you sure that Ordinatio Sacerdotalis is infallible?

Many people do not realize that infallibility is NOT ONLY the Pope speaking ex cathedra. Infallibility can also applied to the teaching of the Magesterium, and this is what the Pope was doing in insisting that the Church ‘has no authority’ to ordain women.

Cultural biases? Give me a break. The man who ate with prostitutes, who told the Jewish people to eat His flesh, who could raise people from the dead, was somehow ‘limited by cultural biases?’ God is God, except when it comes to ‘cultural biases’? Scripture is inerrant, except when it says something we don’t want to hear? The Church is the Bride of Christ and the gates of hell will not prevail against her, but she doesn’t have the ‘authority’ to state whom God does and does not call to the priesthood?

I’m probably even a little older than your mom (my children are all in their 20s now). . .and I–a woman as it happens --have no problem with the Church. Or her teachings. Roma locuta est, causa finita. (Rome has spoken; the case is closed.) I trust that Jesus wasn’t a sexist bigot and that He left us a Church which can be relied upon to give us the teaching He gave and to be guided by the Holy Spirit even in the face of massive cultural meltdown and class craziness on the part of people who SHOULD be old enough to know better but apparently don’t.

If I recall, during the time of Jesus, Judaism was one of the few religions which did not allow women to hold religious positions. The Romans especially has priestesses. :shrug:

I have a collection of articles on the issue here (many from CAF). Perhaps it may help answer your concerns:

I don’t think that was infallible… however what was declared infallible? Mary’s immaculate conception and assumption? Events that have been believed for the entirety of the church’s existence, just like male ordination… I believe these were clarified because there was more of an issue about it, the disagree-ers were far more vocal. I think that female ordination is more of a non-issue for now.

Your argument its the best one I can think of! Perhaps you can answer this idea of cultural bias with the fact that the angels, while techinically not having a gender, appear as male. And that God created Adam male FIRST. Besides, Jesus was not prejudiced against women at all… remember at Pentecost there was Mary and then there were the Apostles. And women were the ones to first hear of the good news of His resurrection. Plus many more examples… In light of how Jesus treated women as equals, why would He not choose them to be His apostles if not for a reason?

Also ask your Mom specifically what problems she has with Catholic Answers. As in what articles or reports has she found to be against the Church? Because if she can’t name any, and CA follows the church, then you should suggest to her that she is the one who is going against the Church. Possibly this comment will sober her up? :confused: Maybe there is some deeper issue behind what she’s said to you.

God Bless :thumbsup:

How exactly does Jesus teach something out of cultural bias? He is God. He is not bound by culture, nor bias. He is entirely just in His judgment, and furthermore He has guided those in the chair of St. Peter to state and clarify, time and time again, that the priesthood is an order for men, as the original apostles were men. It is not bigotry or anything against women, who Our Lord loves just as much as any man, but simply His choice. And I will follow Him, not the trends of today in which women wish to be priests. Women have their own orders which have been given specifically to them. Saying that anyone who sticks with God and the Church in that women cannot be priests is a bigot is like saying anyone who says men can’t be a nun is a bigot.

Have your mom check the website of this “priests.” I did and I saw that they took a cruise out to get ordained.

You are only a bigot if Jesus is also a bigot.

The ordination of women cannot happen. It is pointless to argue about it.

Yes eat some humble pie and apologise, she’s right. The sexism within the church, and religions in general, is disgusting.

Does this mean I can finally be a nun?

About the cultural biases thing, many have rightly pointed out how Jesus was the last person to let such things cloud His judgement (as if that were even possible). Tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers etc. These were roughly equivalent to inviting serial killers over for dinner today. So if He wished to call one of His female friends to be an Apostle, He would have, no reservations. But He didn’t.

Not even His mother. Think about that.

Reading the story of the Samaritan woman at the well will also reveal that he viewed women as equals. No man of that time espousing its particular gender roles would have spoken to her as he did: as an equal, yet not as a synonym for a man. (This last distinction regarding complementarity is an important and underappreciated difference)

But as to the pastoral issue of bearing witness to your mother, it may be fruitful to do more than just say what you are reading here. One of the major enablers of this particular heresy is the widespread distorted notion of the priesthood as some kind of promotion, status symbol or reward. It is none of those things, indeed is a calling to service. This is not to say it cannot be rewarding, but that is different. You will not likely meet with much success unless you address that misnomer.

Good luck and God Bless

It would be sexism if Holy Orders was a right. But it isn’t. Each of the sacraments have requirements. Holy Orders is for baptized men. Holy Matrimony is for baptized men and women who are not already married. We don’t make the rules, we try to follow them.

How many female popes have there been? Are you really trying to really trying to say women are = in the eyes of the church :rolleyes:. Why can’t people ever admit they are wrong where religion is concerned?

Perhaps because we are not wrong? Why can atheists not admit that they are wrong where atheism is concerned? How many female Popes have their been? Zero, because the Pope must be a baptized male. Why is this? Because the Apostles were male. Women have their own orders, and men have their own as well.

What does atheism have to do with anything? WHY must the pope be a male? “Women have their own orders”. Says it all.

To Love,** Honor**, and** Obey**

Zero, and your point is what?

Are you really trying to really trying to say women are = in the eyes of the church :rolleyes:.

Actually, yes. But equal doesn’t mean ‘identical’. Do you think that the priesthood means that a person is somehow ‘better’? Catholics do not. We simply acknowledge that they had a different role than women or men like me.

One other little tid bit, Catholics do consider one created person to be more special than the rest of the human race, superior in that this person is the penultimate model for the rest of us, male and female. That person is Mary. She was not a priest.

why can’t people ever admit they are wrong where religion is concerned?/

We do, but it requires more proof than simply because you say so.

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