My mom gave my body life, Mary gave Jesus’s body life, so why is Mary so highly exulted?

I read that Mary is more of a mother to me then my natural mother because she is the mother of my spiritual life and my natural mother only brought to me the life of my body. But Mary also only brought to life Jesus’s body, so why is she held up so high while the author says my natural mom is not as important?

I’m not comparing my mother to Mary but I feel like it contradicts things a little.


Actually, Mary’s baby gave HER life because He is God. That He is God makes all the difference! Mary provided Him with a womb in which He took on a human body from her. But in His divine nature He always existed. Mary is so important because Jesus is her Son and at the same time, our God! If Jesus were not important to us, neither would Mary be. Jesus gave her to the human race while hanging on the cross. Being His mother, she is the mother of all mothers and holds a unique and very special place in our lives.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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