My Mom is FURIOUS at me...please advise


We got together at my sister’s yesterday for St. Patrick’s day.
My mom had some wine, as did everyone else. My mom is not a drinker. She had had a little more than usual and we offered to take her home, it was on our way. The weather was really bad, snowing, so we really insisted. We were being cautious with her and didn’t want to let her drive if she was even a little buzzed.

She got upset because she thought we were making her look “drunk” in front of all the grandkids.

She won’t even talk to me or my sister. She says we tarnished her reputation for the kids.

I don’t even know what to do!


Ignore her.

It will blow over. Don’t play her game of wanting you to grovel and feel guilty.


Give her a little time. Perhaps after a day or two she will realize that you were not trying to “ruin her reputation”. Say that if you are ever in the same situation, you hope she would insist to take you home.

You were just trying to help your mother. She will realize that soon enough.


Seems to me that you were all setting a great example for the grandkids - how are the kids supposed to be responsible and let others do the driving when they’ve had too much (in the future, of course, when they’re of age :stuck_out_tongue: ) when the adults in their life wouldn’t do the same thing? Just tell her you were worried about her with the weather, and that you love her too much to let anything happen to her. She’ll forgive you. :slight_smile:


You did exactly what you should have done. Don’t feel guilty about it.



I have to wonder how she would have felt if she had driven impaired by the wine and crashed into another car and killed someone?

Really, she is letting her pride overrule her common sense. Perhaps you should point that out to her.


She is just feeling a little embarressed, give her time it will blow over she is not going to stop talking to you forever. You did the right thing :slight_smile: but don’t make her feel worse by telling her pride is over ruling her. When she calms down and is not mad at you any more (she will) then you can tell her it was much better than her getting in a car accident and her grandchildren not seeing her.


You did the right thing.

She could have graciously accepted your offer to drive he home. Instead, she made a scene…evidence that perhaps you were right!

Tell her it is time to grow up and give a good example to the grandkids…if she wants to be the designated drinker, then she needs to submit to the designated driver.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.


Next time leave her to the elements.


Tell your mother to GROW UP.

She is obviously STILL impaired by a faulty estimation of her grandkids’ intelligence and her enormous ego.


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