My mom just left


…and I’m so bummed. :crying: We used to get to spend the full Christmas break together, but she doesn’t get that much time off anymore so it was only about 4 days this time. I saw her last in July and it’ll probably be May or June until I see her again. It’s so hard to be apart from family, espcially at this time of year. I know I’m not the only one here in this boat so I thought we could be bummed together. I can’t wait until she can move closer to me!


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I understand with you, my husband and I don’t live near any family so yesterday was hard talking to everyone that was together. hugs to you though.


First Christmas w/o all the kids home :o . Hard, but not as hard as I thought. Also, one of my brothers was not here, but there were still 10 of us around the table, so it was fun. —KCT


could not go to baby Jane’s baptism last week because of parish commitments (and budget) and took all my vac time when she was born, so would also lose pay. probably won’t see any of the kids and grandkids until our “Christmas in July” reunion and that will be only a week. one week out of 52 is just not enough.


My brother was deployed just after Thanksgiving (for like the 5th time) so I missed his mid December visit out to me before he went to mom’s for Christmas. We can never go back east for a family Christmas because we have a step dd whose mother would never co-operate with that idea.

Having the kids growing up and moving out (one out already, one fixing to graduate this May) it is a joy just to get them to show up for dinner and presents on Christmas.

I really haven’t seen mom for Christmas since before I was preggo with my first. That was 21+ years ago… so I have just had to come up with my own family traditions and holiday celebrations.


My dad left yesterday morning. Last time he left in July I cried. This time I was so grateful I didn’t have to make breakfast – as he stated it – that I was only a little sad. He has a generous heart (even if the above statement sounds selfish) and knew I was just over-wrought with Christmas with all four kids and caring for a newborn.

God bless him.

And yes, I know exactly how sad you feel. I am sorry your mom couldn’t stay longer.


I guess it’s just the times we live in. Families like my husband’s who all live near each other are probably more rare than the ones who do not. If my kids grow up and move away, I will be a mess! :o


sigh we live in MN, my mom lives in southern TX and my dad lives in IN. I see my dad at least twice a year (inlaws live in IN, too and it’s driving distance), but I rarely see my mom (years have gone by at times, though we talk often on the phone). She was able to come this summer for the baby’s birth, but it wasn’t long enough and I just miss her terribly. I keep trying to talk her into coming to live with us, but she’s hesitant. I worry about her being so far away and alone. Believe me, I feel your sadness



I miss my Mom, too. :crying: My mother was here in body, but her spirit went into hiding last spring when she had a bad flare-up of her mental illness. I’d rather have her far away physically but all there mentally than to see her sitting in the recliner chair by the Christmas tree, staring off into space, zoned out on psych meds and too many cookies. But I trust in God’s mercy, that things will work out according to His plan. :heaven: Praying for all of us. Hail Mary…


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Reading through all these posts is making me bummed! But I also feel so blessed to have my close family close to us!


I **hate **it when family leaves. I’m blessed to have my family all here with me too, but it didn’t always used to be that way. How soon will your mom move near you?


You are very blessed to have such a close relationship with your mom. I hope I am able to foster that with my girls. My mother and I do not have that sort of relationship…and I always feel I am missing out on something. The separation must be hard, but praise God you have such a close relationship! :slight_smile:


I feel the same way, I am very happy that we have that relationship. My mom is my best friend. I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t live near family and don’t even mind, so I do feel blessed :heaven:


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