My mom's spirituality

My mom desperately needs the Lord to open her heart to Him more. She is Catholic, a revert to the faith a couple years ago.

We belong to the same parish. I am going to the Assumption Vigil mass tonight at our parish, and then going to the Tridentine high mass at a different parish tomorrow.

I asked my mom if she would like to go to the TLM tomorrow with me, and she said “yes.” I assumed she was still going to the vigil mass tonight. She just told me she isn’t.

I know that its not obligatory to go to both. But the way she answered, “Uh, I’m not going twice”, hurt me a little bit. Mass is as close to Heaven as you can get, without actually being there. She seems to be struggling with opening herself to that. I just don’t understand why anyone would not want to be in the presence of and receive our Lord as often as possible. I’m struggling everyday because I’m “stuck” with praying at work and home; daily Mass is not possible for me.

Remember her, if you get the chance. Thanks.

Your mom may have other reasons why she cannot go twice. I think it is great she is going tomorrow. We all have to follow as God would lead us.

Praying for your mom that her faith will grow.



Thank you.

I actually could have worded my request differently. I wasn’t judging her for not going to mass twice. It was her tone when I asked her about it.

BIG UPDATE though.

Just before I clicked the button to publish the request, I had been praying to Jesus in front of my computer about it, and my mom, in a sweet voice said, “yeah, I’ll probably go with you guys tonight.”

Thank you, Jesus, my Lord, my All, my only Good.

My mom can still you use the prayers, though, for an increase in her spiritual life. Thanks again.

Praying for your mom…

Praying for your mom.


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