My monthly visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses

How do I respond?

I turned them away respectfully, but is there a way to evangelize the Catholic faith to them?

I feel I’ve seen threads about this, and I’m just responding quickly as this just happened two minutes ago.

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I respectfully thank them for their ‘righteous’ work and tell them I’m pleased to be a practicing Catholic. Then they hand me a pamphlet and they’re off and running.

I wouldn’t try and evangelize because their trained…I’m just typical Joe Catholic.

Unfortunately, arguing theology with a Jehovah’s Witness usually will get you nowhere, except in circles. The best way to reach a JWs is to get them to start questioning their organization (The Watchtower). This approach is the best and it works pretty well.

Showing them proof that their leaders are liars plants a seed in the average JW, it may take awhile to take hold, but you have to get them thinking. The best way to start this out is by showing them how blatantly inaccurate the sources are in the pamplet entitled “Should You Believe in the Trinity?” It’s staggering just badly they butchered the sources in this pamplet! Ask them, “if the trinity is false, then why did your leaders butcher and falsley quote the sources used in this pamplet to justify their beliefs?” Take a look at this website and print off the material and tell them you will read their material if they read about the inaccuracies in the “Trinity” pamplet. This is one of the best and only ways to reach a JW. To date, no JW i’ve ever showed this to has been able to refute it or come up with any excuse for why “God’s Organization on earth” would use such deceptive tactics.

I take special interest in this area because I was raised in this cult and I view it as one of my main callings to help JWs trapped in this cult.

The first thing I would do is explain one God to them.

We Believe in One Composite God

We believe in one (composite) God. The word in Hebrew used for one is the word ‘echad.’ That verse is Deuteronomy 6-4 which states, “The Lord our God, the Lord is one.” When using the word ‘echad’ it allows the one to be composite. If the writer had wanted the one to be singular he would have used the word ‘yaclid’ which means singular one. An example would be a pair of shoes. There are two shoes. The word ‘echad’ would be used. If there were one shoe the word ‘yaclid’ would have been used. Our composite God has three distinct persons.

They have a hierarchy in that God the Father is first, God the Son is second and the Holy Spirit is third. We believe in the Father, the Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth of all that is seen and unseen.

In the first chapter of the Book of Colossians the Apostle Paul writes, ”He (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God the first born overall creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities: all things were created for him and by him.” We believe in Jesus Christ who is the only begotten Son of the Father. Before I go to my next statement I would like to discuss the word firstborn in the next statement. The words firstborn can have several meanings from the original Greek text, of which the New Testament was written. There are two separate words in Greek for the English word firstborn. If a child was born as what we would consider normal childbirth the Greek word ‘protokisis’ is used. Another Greek word used for translation into English as firstborn is the Greek word ‘protokos.’ This means begotten and has nothing to do with childbirth. You can see the extreme difference in these two Greek words. In the Old Testament the firstborn had the dignity and superiority over other siblings. The firstborn had a favored hierarchy of inheritance. The word used in Colossians is the Greek word protokos.

We believe in the Holy Spirit the third person of the Trinity. After Christ ascended into heaven the Holy Spirit came to be our comforter.

Their main verse is that Jesus comes in the sky with the voice of an archangel. That’s why they believe Jesus is Michael the Archangel. This is part of the Jewsih wedding tradition. The groom comes his bride and a member of the wedding party-in this ccase Michael the Archangel calls out to the bride which is the church. E-mail me at gcharles3448@yahoo. com if you need any help.

I tell them that I am Catholic and not looking to convert to any other religion. And politely close the door. As they are at my door for a purpose, I don’t feel anything will be served by engaging them in discussion – it invites them back when you discuss as they think they can wear you down. We have a Kingdom Hall very close by; they rarely come any longer.

Read Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses by Catholic Answers’ Jason Everts. It’s useful and practical, and you don’t need to be a theologian to read it and apply it.

Say no thanks…and say good-bye.

I agrre with the first comment.
They are doing only what they believe the Lord wants them to do.
My father thanks them for what they do and tells them he is a Catholic.

I politely refuse their leaflets/magazines and tell them I am a practising Catholic.

The local Jehovah’s Witnesses have been in the street I live in every Saturday morning for the last month, I have politely turned them away each time, but am beginning to wonder why they keep chapping my door.

I think they have quotas

Someone sent me a copy of that title…the way they set up straw man arguments, and then knock them down, made me sick! It`s impossible to believe that the way they “misunderstand” what the Church teaches can be anything but deliberate.:frowning: By deliberately “misunderstanding”, they make a mockery of the Doctrine of the Trinity.
In other words: blatant dishonesty!
Likening the three Divine Persons to us as persons!!! :eek:

I take special interest in this area because I was raised in this cult and I view it as one of my main callings to help JWs trapped in this cult.

Hats off to you! :thumbsup:

So many hours per month, or whatever. And a record is kept.

No problem, here is the link to the booklet from the JW website:

And this is the website that examines the booklet and refutes the sources and shows how badly they butcher these sources (a lot of those sources they butcher are Catholic):

=bscastro;9078546]How do I respond?

I turned them away respectfully, but is there a way to evangelize the Catholic faith to them?

I feel I’ve seen threads about this, and I’m just responding quickly as this just happened two minutes ago.

God bless,

That friend is a toughy:D Because its’ God’s territority.

You MIGHT ask them how old their “faith” is? And point out that ONLY today’s CC dates back to the Apostles.:slight_smile:

This may not work because they don’t accept the bible as true BUT as a WEAPON to be culled to make their non-christian views.:eek:

Good luck,

I have taken the time to respond from our Catholic Perspective to there monthly and ANTI-catholic passouts. They haven’t visyed me in several months.

If you’d like more infor on them send me a PM,

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Evangelizing a JW is pretty difficult for ANY Christian, and it doesn’t matter if you’re Baptist, Methodist, Anglican or Catholic. This is partially due to the fact that much of JWs teachings include ‘innoculations’ against the arguments of other Christian denominations. In particular, Catholics struggle to talk to JWs as there is a LOT of Watchtower stuff aimed at ‘disproving’ the Catholic Church and so most JWs have a HUGE issue with Catholics, and often will not speak to people where they are known to be one.

As someone says, it is better to get them to doubt the Watchtower, which is supposed to be their sole source of their teachings and Biblical interpretations, and so if you can do this, it sets the ground to explain the teachings of the Church free from the ‘well but Watchtower says…’ line you usually get.

Just don’t open the door. :shrug:

Do like my mother in law did while raising her family. RUN AND HIDE UNDER THE BED!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would ask them where the bible came from. I bet they don’t know that it is a
Catholic book!:smiley:

Yep, that’s what I always did. “No thank you, we’re Catholic!” Smile, watch their horrified expressions, they give me a copy of the “Watchtower,” and they are g - o - n - e…like smoke…

In spite of all the advice to close the door politely, I would still say that orthodox Christians in general have to do something to plant a seed in the heart of a Jehovah’s Witness when one crosses their path. Souls are on the line here, and if those who know their faith say nothing, how will the Jehovah’s Witness at the door ever be brought to belief in the trinity, divinity of Christ, and physical resurrection…?

More importantly, how will they be brought to salvation? That is one reason why I have always taken an interest in apologetics in whatever religion I happened to be, that I saw necessary for salvation. If one is weak in reasoned arguments to go with faith, do not attempt apologetics in such a circumstance at first, if at all, or you may find them able to plant doubt in you instead of vice-versa. For those who are able to withstand the onslaught without losing their own, it is a duty to witness to them of the True Faith.

Many thanks. :thumbsup:

Lucky to have a copy of their “You Can Live Forever…” book, here. Thats an eye-opener (as youd know) in more ways than one: doctrines, illustrations, **more lies **etc. Fascinating!

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