My most sincere "Thank You" to all of you...

I recently subscribed to the forums, and I cannot begin to describe the vileness, hatred, animosity, and downright bigotry coming from those forums. Only a small amount actually comes from the JWs (all JWs I’ve ever met in person have been great people), but most of the heated, hate-filled remarks comes from non-believers, which I shouldn’t even dignify as “non-believers” for they can more accurately be described as anti-believers… It’s okay not to believe, but to hate someone because they believe is just unfair, like it is unfair to hate someone because they do not believe in God.

Anyhow, I have debated and discussed topics on here, and I have yet to experience the same type of mud-slinging animosity and crude behavior, and I think that really shows the level-headedness of Catholic Answers and the people of all backgrounds and faiths within these forums.

Thank you all for a great debate on the issues and differences we all have. Keep it up. I look forward to respectfully disagreeing with many of you, while cheering on my fellow Catholics!

God’s love! (If you don’t want His love, then have a great day instead!)


Thanks for sharing. What is name of the JW forum?

You’re welcome. :tiphat:

Although I think the CAF moderators deserve the biggest thanks. Without them, this place wouldn’t be the great place it is.

As a non-Catholic, I would like to 2nd the motion about the high level of debate/discussion here.

Kudos to the posters and moderators for an interesting, high-level forum.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

The forum name at the that I made was “What about history?”, which you can read HERE. I was posing the question, trying to understand why a JW believes what he believes when the early Christian writings and doctrines were very unlike what the JWs believe… I thought it would be a good chance for someone to respond and give reason for their faith as a JW, but instead, I received little more than how evil the Catholic Church is instead, and had about 20 people trying to put me on the defense about every evil that members of the Catholic Church throughout history might have commited… ugh…

On top of that, as a new member, you only get 10 posts in a 24-hour period! So, I have to wait 7 more hours and 30 more anti-Catholic posts before I can respond! LoL.

I even tried to be civil and said I loved and would pray for them and asked for their prayers, and again, I got attacked for presuming anyone wants prayers or my love… my goodness… They’re going to get my love and prayers anyway!

You can read the forum if you like. It’s nasty. I can’t wait to get 10 more posts to use! But I will have to use them wisely!

I read the forum. I understand your frustration. They have a completely different perspective of history than you do. That can make it very difficult.

The converstaion is also jumping from issue to issue to issue… ECF, to Pope, to Inquisition, etc. There is no where to resolve all that with it’s 10 vs 1 on a forum.

In my opinion, I’d pick just 1 issue, then hammer that 1 issue and never deviate. Make sure it’s an issue you can defend well.

Just my thoughts.



I appreciate your opinion; it’s a very good one. I think I will do just that. As you probably saw, out of the dozens of responses, not a single one tried to connect the JW faith with the historical church… And I think I know why. Like anyone who can’t come up with an answer, they all deflected and started the hate speech and rhetoric. I even insulted someone because he thought me selfish to pray for him or want prayers in return! Imagine that, our prayers, unknown to the world, are somehow selfish? I just can’t begin to think on similar levels to understand. As surely as I am a worm and undeserving of our Blessed Lord’s many gifts, may God continue to love and bless every one of them.

I agree; they do a good job keeping us tame enough to keep the blood-spilling to a minimum. =)

I thought more about your situation over the weekend. I keep wondering how you could effectively evangelize JW when they are deflecting, hate speech, rhetoric, and very anti-catholic. Another possible approach is to just join with them in every day forum discussion but continue to add your perspective to the threads.

Overtime, I think this could be beneficial as some can see other view points and some ex-Catholics that are now JW may be more welcoming of the viewpoint. Just some thoughts of mine.

When a couple high intellectual Protestants have done this to our forum here, I’ve learned a lot of their tradition as well as strengthening mine.

BTW, I tried to sign up for the site too but I havn’t gotten approved yet.



I don’t go to places like that. There is one that I refuse to even read. It is not worth your time. I guarantee it. Why get beaten up by people who have been trained from childhood in the attitude that they are good and everyone else is evil?

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