My mother and the church


Ok so I have been a practicing catholic for five years now… My mother had decided to let me have my two year old brother baptized in to the faith…(which by the way he is thrilled…He says “Yay now I will be more with Jesus lol”) I have also convinced her to start going with me to church…She says she will attend mass all the time with me but that she cannot make the RCIA classes bc she is a single parent and works late on the day they are offered…Is it okay for her to just go to church with me all the time…??


Hello fellow Arkansan!!!

Please contact your Parish director of RCIA, these folks have assisted many people on the journey, arranging classes/instruction that will work around your mom’s schedule.

Yes, it is great she goes to Mass! God bless you on your journey, and maybe we will be able to meet at the Rite of Accpetance at the Cathedral in Little Rock :thumbsup: (I volunteer with the RCIA team).


That’s wonderful, Tommy.
What a wonderful young apostle you are!
I ask the Hol Spirit to profoundly bless and guide you and your family always!



Thanks so much guys! This was a great help… Oh and it is nice to meet a fellow arkansan! Well thanks for the help.

Love and God Bless,


What a great example you are for your mother!

Like kage said, see if your mom can work something out with the RCIA director – they’re usually willing to do whatever they can to work around schedules to help people who want to come into the church.

I’d also suggest praying the Rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy for your mother…ask your heavenly mother to help lead your earthly mother to her son. :slight_smile:

Praying for your family now – God bless you! :crossrc: :hug1:


Check with your pastor, you may be able to be your mother’s RCIA director.

God Bless


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