My mother is driving me nuts

I have been trying to be more Christian like the past few months and have been really at peace… but now that my Mum is here from out of town. My patience is running out… we are constantly fighting.

I want my Mum to see that Jesus is now the centre in my life but I have been having trouble showing it.

My question is how do you guys remain Christian-like in difficult times? Especially times when you are really tested…

Pray a lot. A LOT. A LOT A LOT A LOT. With evey breath. There is no set prayer, just ask Jesus to give you the love He had for His Mother.

I think it’s part of motherhood that we upset our daughters. Well, I have just the one, and she’s always saying that I’m annoying.

LOL … sorry this kinda made me laugh… thanks for the smile :slight_smile:

I prayed my hardest … just so I can have the grace of patience.

Sometimes I would also like the skill of hearing something and just letting it out the other ear. Unfortunately when it comes to my Mum I am so sensitive… I take everything to heart.

Every time she says or does something that annoys you, offer it up, and ask God to bless her.

We never know when we will be called from this world. and we need to cherish the time we have to love and take every opportunity we can to love.

Just love your mother, that’s all I can advise.

When asking for something, we sometimes need to be careful what we ask for. If we ask for patience, more than likely everything will try our patience. This is God’s answer to our prayer - He gives us lots of opportunities to be patient.

View these annoyances as opportunities to love.

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