My Mother is in Heaven

  1. In Life, my Mother modeled a Life-of-Purpose. In Death, she continues to enlighten and inspire me in my daily struggles.

  2. I would now want to share my Mother to the world. Pls visit my blog -

  3. God bless


What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman. You have much to be thankful for and I think you were raised by a true *mother. *I know how blessed you were, my friend. I, too, was raised by a true mother, wonderful Catholic Christian mother. We didn’t have a lot, but we had EVERYTHING.

Thank you so much for sharing your blog with us!



Thanks a lot for your kind words. In today’s World-of-Materialism, it is good to know that Catholic Mothers’ (yours and mine - who had lived their respective lives across the Pacific) found meaning in their lifetime. In my Mother’s case, CATHOLICISM is alive and relevant. May the many nominal Catholics truly find meaning in their faith. God bless.


  1. My Mother was widowed (in 1966) at 47 yrs old - with 6 children to raise. My youngest Sister was widowed (in 1998) at 43 yrs old - with 5 children to raise. Mother sacrificed much of her lifetime - but passed the test of time. My Sister is still struggling on to feed and to educate her own. As I am financially handicapped myself, I pray for my Sister to survive her own trials.

  2. As a Widow yourself, you appear to experience LOVE at both extremes. On one hand, you have been victim of a bitter failed relationship with a ConMan. On the other hand, you pour out your heart for a suffering dying (but faithful) DogPet. It seems to me that your Mother and your Catholic Faith are about the only reliable and true guideposts in your life.

  3. If I may suggest, I urge you to move on with life by travelling around the World with your Mom &/or by working in your very own Parish. In any case, I ask you to have your eyes look straight at the eyes of Strangers-in-Need - and see CHRIST in them. Forget your looks. What matters is that you are beautiful in God’s eyes.

  4. God bless.


Very touching tribute to your dear mother.
Thank you for sharing it.


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