My mother - Shirley Olsen


Please pray for my Mother. She is suffering with severe arthritis and back pain and other ailments. She is 73 years old and is in allot of pain. Also - she has never been baptized which has me worried because she will not do it. Please pray for her! If anything that she will be baptized.

Many thanks



Dear Jesus, touch Shirley with Your healing hand. Cure her of physical and spiritual afflictions with Your mercy. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :harp:


Praying for her soul and body


I will pray for her entire needs - spiritual and physical. May God open her heart and body to healing.


Oh My Jesus, through the immaculate heart of Mary please heal Shirleys physical and psiritual needs, help her to see your face at the end of her life and know that is where her heart belongs with tyou the savior of the univers.

Oh my Good mother please help shirley in this difficult time, she has a son who obvioulsly loves her and I ask that you give him the strength to get what he needs to get done.

All of this in Jesus name I pray

Hail MAry Full of grace the lord is with thee blessed are thou amongst women and blessed si the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy MAry Miother of God Pray for us sinnder nwo and at the hour of our death Amen.

Our Father…

Glory Be…

St. Anthony my patron, help her to find her way lost

Pope John Paul of Christ, pray for use so that we be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


Praying very hard for your mother!


:gopray: for her.

Perhaps if you’d talk to a priest and see if he could come to your home and baptize her.


Dear Lord, please have mercy on Shirley Olsen. Thank you in advance for your kindness. Amen


Praying from today’s Liturgy of the Hours:

Ecclesiasticus 36

God of all, have mercy on us, take notice of us, and show us the light of your mercies.
Make the nations fear you, who have not sought you out,
make them know that there is no God except you,
let them tell of your wonders.

Lift up your hand over foreign nations, that they may see your power –
for just as in their sight you have been sanctified in us,
so in our sight you will be magnified in them.
Lift up your hand so that they may know, as we know,
that there is no God but you, Lord.
Bring forth new signs and repeat your wonders;
glorify your hand, show the strength of your arm.


I could try that. I suggested to my Mom that she should be baptized but she is a very bitter person and is bitter towards God because of things that have happened in her life. I thought about just baptizing her myself with holy water.


Praying for your mom’s healing and conversion.


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