My mother's tennants


My mother has had a woman living with her boyfriend in one of her apts. He’s gone now. She has said ok to the tenant allowing a girl who is a friend to live with her. She is not catholic but I have told her about being culpable in allowing a boyfriend and girlfriend living together. She could be sinning allowing this to happen right?



I don’t think your mother is personally sinning. She has no idea of whether they are having sex. True - they most likely are, but it is not your mother’s business as a landlord.


If she’s going to get into the business of policing people’s morals, she had better consult with a lawyer to make sure she won’t be sued (or to be prepared in case she is).

I’m curious as to how far you want her to go. Should she check the medicine cabinet for birth control pills? Should she ask to see the tenant’s tax returns to make sure she is honestly reporting her income? Should she listen in on phone calls to make sure the tenant isn’t practicing detraction? Where do you draw the line?


You beat me to it. She could be on very shaky legal ground here.


With respect, why do you consider it to be any business of yours?


None of your mother’s business, so I hardly think she is sinning by letting someone else live in the place she rents out.


When one chooses to go into business as a landlord, there are various laws that must be complied with. They vary from place to place.

In most places one is not allowed to discriminate according to marital status when it comes to renting out units.

If your mother feels that it is morally illicit to rent to various couples, then she may have to get out of the rental business.


Ok she told me really she can’t run people’s lives. She’s correct. They are separated now. I was only concerned about culpability.



I was only concerned for her. I think there is a consensus here in this thread that makes things clear to me. It isn’t any of my business other that I thought there could be a culpability problem there. I guess there is none. I also live beside of the people.



I think the idea that ‘it is none of her business’ is a worldly one. We car not to provide the material for other people’s sins without sufficient reason. Perhaps, though, if the law forbids evicting them, this would provide your mother with a sufficient reason, because she could be sued or perhaps imprisoned for doing so. I would be worried about joint rental agreements though, as this could be formal, rather than material co-operation in evil. I think your mother should make the rental agreements with only one person.


NO> But she would probably be breaking the law if she attempted to prohibit this. She could be fined and sued for significant damages. It would (depending on the circumstances) be a sin to permit and condone this within her own home, but not in a building she owns.


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