My Motorola Rosary


It happened! I went to confession today and there was a line so while waiting I reached into my pocket for my beads and they were gone–I rarely leave the house without them.

So I go to my waistband to switch the Tracfone to silent mode and I had a bit of inspiration, perhaps a nudge from my guardian angel. I made the sign of the cross with my free hand and:

Menu Key :Apostles Creed and the Lord’s Prayer.
Green Key, Menu Key, Red Key: the three Aves.
Glory Be and Fatima Prayer on my own, no keys needed.

For each mystery, the Lord’s Prayer at the Menu Key; for each Ave, I tracked them using the numeric keypad.

The disapproving look from the CCD teacher standing in line with me disappeared when I whispered my explanation.

BTW, I keep religious art as wallpaper for my Tracfone.



Quite creative! I’m not that clever–I just use my fingers.


I used to do that in the past but it seemed like having something in my hands besides clutching my bony fingers felt like it was the right thing to do at the time.

Thanks for replying.



You can also use your fingers.
10 Fingers=10 hail marys


Your post brought quite a smile to my face; thanks!


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