My Muslim student put me to shame



I teach Comparative Religions in a Sociology Department at a secular Community College. An Evangelical Christian asked if the God Allah is the same God worshipped by Christians. I tried to go around the question by giving the usual, at least since VCII, politically correct answer. “Allah is the Arabic name for God.” “All three Monotheistic religions trace their beliefs back to Abraham.” You know, the usual **** we must give in order to keep our jobs. In frustration a young female Muslim piped up and said “No, we don’t worship the same God. We don’t believe that the true God has a Son and so we don’t worship Jesus Christ.” I then recovered my integrity somewhat by admitting that I had given the politically correct answer but she had given the truth. I’ll never make that compromise again. I rejoice in God my Savior who is Jesus Christ. I will never be ashamed again to admit it.

Not bad for an old goat like me eh? We can all learn.

Unless we all lose our fear of man we will not find God.

Do you think that there is still hope for me?



Pax tecum!

I don’t agree with what the Muslim student said and I don’t think that you were wrong. Here is why: Muslims DO worship the God of Abraham. Christians also worship the God of Abraham. The difference is that Muslims have an incorrect understanding of who that God is. If because they do not believe in the Trinity they worship a different God, then Jews also do not worship the same God as Christians, which would be a ridiculous assertion to make considering that the Holy Family were Jewish.

In Christ,


i think this is the most accurate answer.

This subject has been killed on this forum . I dont think you will loose your job if you say anything your opinion of the islamic doctrine.



I just wanted to point out that saying Muslims worship the same God is not something new with Vatican II:

St. Paul says to pagans who worship one God: For passing by, and seeing your idols, I found an altar also, on which was written: To the unknown God. What therefore you worship, without knowing it, that I preach to you

St. Gregory VII to a Muslim prince: ‘Almighty God, who wishes that all should be saved and none lost, approves nothing in so much as that after loving Him one should love his fellow man, and that one should not do to others, what one does not want done to oneself. You and we owe this charity to ourselves especially because we believe in and confess one God, admittedly, in a different way, and daily praise and venerate him, the creator of the world and ruler of this world.’

Catechism of Pius X : 12 Q. Who are infidels?
A. Infidels are those who have not been baptised and do not believe in Jesus Christ, because they either believe in and worship false gods as idolaters do, or though admitting one true God, they do not believe in the Messiah, neither as already come in the Person of Jesus Christ, nor as to come; for instance, Mohammedans and the like.

Catholic Encyclopedia: As in ecclesiastical language those who by baptism have received faith in Jesus Christ and have pledged Him their fidelity and called the faithful, so the name infidel is given to those who have not been baptized. The term applies not only to all who are ignorant of the true God, such as pagans of various kinds, but also to those who adore Him but do not recognize Jesus Christ, as Jews and Mohammedans.

Also see this chapter on Islam in Hillair Belloc’s "Great Heresies."


Firstly, You were not shamed by your student. Your student merely expressed herself and that was it.

Secondly, I disagree with Meedo that you are not at risk for loosing your job over any remark you may make on or about Islam.

Most importantly-
God Bless Brother, Dont put yourself down.

(*try to document any and all things you say in regard to Islam in the future for CYA purposes if needed later)


The real question is whether the “god” who “speaks” in the Quran is the God of Abraham, or a false god invented by the so-called “prophet” who claimed to be receiving “revelations”? :rolleyes:



This is one of those questions that will drive us toward deeper understandings and is far too important to leave to mere “thinking”. Prayer, meditation, fasting seem necessary for this because it has everthing to do with our destiny.

In any event, I will be with that class today and will admonish the students to take this question very seriously. If our student is correct then it behooves us to choose whom we will serve. Will we serve the god of consumption, of self satisfaction, of Islam, or Christianity.


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