My Name is Earl Show

Has anyone watched this show? It is one of my favorites! I know some of the subject matter is sometimes questionable, but I admire the shows character trying to make right all of the wrongs he has done to people throughout the years. (however I** didn’t like the episode where he tried to find a man a boyfriend at all**).

I guess I just feel that beyond that, there is a message to try and be the best you can be and try to make up for the bad things that are done.

Just wondering what anyone else thinks.


I usually catch this show by accident (I’m just getting into The Office and keep missing it). I haven’t thoroughly thought through (oy) the moral message of the show but I do know it’s cracked me up.

I hate how Hollywood has to often, almost always, ruin potentially good shows with stuff like this! Why do they always feel they have to shove this kind of stuff in our faces?! Can’t they just stick to the comedy on a general level and leave the politics out?:mad:

Theological ideas of Karma aside, I like the show, and it really does (usually) have a good message. Plus, I love Ethan Suplee and Jason Lee, even though I want to cry when I remember that the latter is involved with $cientology…

Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

Yeah, I’m not “into” the Karma thing, but I just think the show is great!

:doh2: I didn’t know Jason Lee was into that cult - what is wrong with celebrities these days? I mean, scientology - c’mon!

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