My nearby chapel is not in communion with the RCC!?

So, this “RC” Chapel, which is the closest “Catholic” Parish that I can walk to, is not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), according to an official from my local Archdiocese.

This official wrote to me, via e-mail, “Because they don’t accept the teachings of the 2nd Vatican Council and they don’t recognize Pope Benedict XVI or any pope after Pius XII as a successor of the Apostle Peter. Hence, why they’re not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.”


I know that some days I wont have a ride from my parents, so that I can attend alternate RC churches, which are in communion with the RCC. So, if the day were to come where I could only attend mass at this chapel, due to not having a ride to alternate RC parishes, would it suffice for attending church on Sunday, or would this be bad/heretical?

Here’s the chapel’s website, if interested:

Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Chapel

I specially recommend the “Newcomers” and “Principles” pages, which introduce one to the general beliefs held at this chapel:

For Newcomers to the Traditional Mass

A Statement of Principles in a Time of Crisis

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From their newcomers page:

Should you be a Catholic who is assisting at the traditional Mass for the first time (or for the first time in a long time), we ask that you refrain from receiving Communion until you decide to assist at the traditional Mass exclusively and to refrain from assisting at the New Mass. This is a major decision to make, and a difficult one for some. But since the New Mass does represent a new religion, this decision should absolutely precede your reception of Communion here.

Avoid this parish like a plague.


It seems that they consider themselves as the only true “Roman Catholics.” They refer to post Vatican II Roman Catholicism as “American Catholicism,” like it’s its own unique sect of Christianity.
Again, whoa! :eek:

Check this PDF document out, which seems to be a page from their booklets, which are given to newcomers, at their masses.

How old is your church?

The very last part seems a bit propagandist, if you ask me…:shrug:

They are what we call Sedevacantists. They believe that Pope Paul VI committed heresy with Vatican II and thus abdicated the chair of Peter. They believe every Pope since then who has used the Pauline Missal commits the same heresy and thus is an invalid Pope. They believe the chair of Peter to be vacant.

its better to not attend Mass then go to this abomination.

I agree with ConstantineTG and April…stay away. If you can’t find a ride to Mass it would be better to stay home then go there. You can watch a Mass on TV or on-line and pray. You are trying to do the right thing. Good for you.

God Bless!

I looked at their website I wouldn’t go there the list of odd rules but me off

It’s far more important than just “ewww, don’t go there, they are wrong” - it is dangerous spiritually to attend a place of worship that is preaching heresy.

Talk to your priest and explain the situation to him. He should know that you may have issues making it to Mass - it’s his job to know these things.

God bless you for asking good questions and not just diving in where the water is shallow and dangerous!!


Don’t go. Exposing yourself to their false understanding of the Church is just opening yourself up to losing the Faith.

If you cannot get to Sunday Mass, you are excused from the obligation (I’m sorry I can’t find the relevent Canon right now but I’m sure someone can).

Here ya go, Rich:

Can. 1248

§2. If participation in the Eucharistic celebration becomes impossible because of the absence of a sacred minister or for another grave cause, it is strongly recommended that the faithful take part in a liturgy of the word if such a liturgy is celebrated in a parish church or other sacred place **according to the prescripts of the diocesan bishop **or that they devote themselves to prayer for a suitable time alone, as a family, or, as the occasion permits, in groups of families.

I highly doubt this chapel is aligned to the prescripts of the diocesan bishop, so I’d say the underlined is applicable.

To the OP; talk to your local priest, one whose actually aligned with Rome. And stay away from that chapel!

As they are in a separate communion, one can not both be a member of their sect and Catholic. Even their own rules make this clear, as you can not receive communion there when needed, then attend a Catholic Mass.

I don’t even understand why you are asking, they are heretics. They left the Church, started their own. They stole the name. Watch EWTN or an online Mass and pray for spiritual communion with the Lord and stay faithful to your Church.

The poster is asking because he is a young person trying to become a good Catholic and he does not know all the nuances about schismatics, heretics etc. I am just glad that he is asking to protect the well being of his soul.

He’s just asking an honest and very good question. He’s not born with this information coded in his DNA. Good for him for desiring to educate himself on the facts. Not everyone does that and they end up spewing nonsense and hurting themselves and others spiritually.


Julia, I, currently, identify as a “revert-fledgling-Catholic;” in fact I actually started re-attending mass last Sunday. Though, I began vaguely studying my faith, through Catholic Forums, about three weeks ago. I plan on starting the New Testament some time this weekend. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll enroll into RICA, next fall. For now, I’ll just have fun in youth group, which is held at another RC parish (which is in communion with the RCC…etc.)

The last time I took my Catholic faith seriously was when I was an eight year old, barely ten years ago! After that, I became very agnostic. And, now that I’m back to my maternal faith, I feel like a complete stranger! So, this all feels new to me…

So, I’m sorry if I came off as being “very” naive with RC doctrine, it’s because I truly am naive about this matter. LOL :shrug:
And, thanks for the “online mass” suggestion. I’ll, for sure, watch online mass when the blizzards roll in. :wink:

Anyway, the other RC parishes, which are in communion…etc., are very far (more than a two-hour walk) away from my home. This chapel is about 15-30 minutes away, by foot. In addition, my dress shoes are total feet killers. My feet are always sore for a couple days after, when I wear my dress shoes. So, walking for more than two-hours (to the alternate parishes and back) with those painful dress shoes is not something I’d really enjoy. Then again…this could show my devotion for my Lord, Jesus Christ…if I did go ahead with the 2-hour foot-painful walks… :shrug: What do you all think?

Or…I could wear running shoes, just for the walk to and from the parish, and place my dress shoes in a messenger’s bag, and take them with me. Then, when I arrive to a parish, which is in communion…etc., I could change the pairs of shoes I have on with the dress shoes, and put away my running shoes into my messenger’s bag. But, lol, I’d feel a bit tacky bringing a messenger’s bag into mass with me, for the first couple of times. :rotfl:

Thank you for your suggestion, Liza. I promise you that I will ask a priest who is at an RC parish, which is communion with the RCC church, according my to my local archdiocese. In fact, I’ll do it during my confession this weekend. :thumbsup:

Thank you, maltmom. Would you, or anyone else, recommend a certain online RC mass website?

LOL…I’m going to feel so weird and cool simultaneously, watching mass from home, when I can’t attend another parish.

I will totally stay away from it…:wink: And, I will talk to a priest about it.



This is spot on. Even if one would say, “I’ll just be there for the Mass but not receive Communion anyway,” the tone on their website points that their homilies could potentially be dangerous to your soul. They will know you are a newcomer and they for sure will proselytize you.

To the OP,

I see you’re willing to walk to Mass (been there, 1 to 4 miles often, back in the day); there is a parish about 1.25 miles SW of that place, called St. Pius X (

As a returning Catholic, you should know that every parish is different these days, so I have no idea whether the people and liturgy you’ll find there will be appealing, but even if it isn’t, don’t be discouraged. The Mass is our greatest treasure, it’s literally the representation of Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross, offered to the Father for His Glory for our sins, so don’t let anything keep you away if you can make it. If you can’t, as said before, you are dispensed from the obligation, but I hope this option makes it possible for you to go.

Ooohh, I’ve done that before too. When I moved to Canada I lived with my cousin who is not Catholic. So I had to get to Mass by myself (this was prior to becoming EC). Bus connections on Sundays was ridiculous (almost 1 hour to get to church) so I just walked about 20-30 minutes which is about the same distance you are talking about. Good exercise too :thumbsup:

Christ the King in Sarasota streams live TLMs every day. They are the same folks who make iMass for the iPhone.

Visit their site and click on “LiveMass”.

You can only view the live mass at specific times:

My iMass app tells me the times are:

Sunday: 8:30 and 10:30 AM EST
Mon - Sat: 9:00 AM EST
Tues & Fri: 9:00 AM & 6:30 PM EST

Now, I have only tried the iMass App. I haven’t tried watching it online. It’s worth a try.

Good luck!

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