My need for prayers: my employment, wife's diabetes


To All:

Please pray for my need for employment ASAP.
My finical needs are beginning to become beyond my control with no work for over 2 months. At 62 it seems very difficult to find meaningful work.
Also pray for my wife Linda as a type 2 diabetic with vision & hearing loss.
We are quickly running short of funds for her medications with loss of insurance.

God bless,


You both are in my prayers. The Lord will provide.:wink:


Thanks for your prayers!:thumbsup:

God bless,


Lord hear our prayer. :gopray:
But not our will, but Thine be done.

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Lord have mercy! You are in my prayers.


I too shall pray!

It is a shame how our senors citizens can no longer make ends meet in this country.



Thanks for your prayers. It is in the Lord’s hands.:thumbsup:

God bless,



You are both in my prayers!:gopray:


Thanks,very much for your prayers,

God bless,


I think sometimes one of the hardest things for us to do is to “give it to God” . Try to do that and I will pray for you.



Prayers going out!



I have always tried to turn everything over to Our Lord. In fact,had I not done so I don’t think I would be here today, without His help.:thumbsup:

God bless,


I prayed for both of you to always trust in Jesus. I prayed for your wife and asked God to give her strength to go through all this. Offering her pain to the Lord is also very good.

God bless!


From one Texan to another,

Thanks for your prayers.

God bless,



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