My Neighbors had a bad fire this a.m


and it looks like they lost all the second floor as it is totally charred. I’m not sure about the first floor yet because of water damage. but I’m sure its a total loss!!! They have 2 teenaged dd’s who are both alter servers at our local church parish. Please keep this family in your prayers!!!


I will pray for this family. :gopray:


Praying for this family. :gopray2:

How tradgic! Thank God they have their faith in the midst of it all, and thank God they have wonderful, thoughtful neighbors like you. :slight_smile:


they are in my prayer.


I will add my prayers. How tragic.


With my prayers for all - Joe


Prayers for everyone!


OH! MY! Will pray for them. :frowning:





The outpour of help from neighbors, friends and family has been unbelievable. The wife’s company gave them a fully furnished house with a stocked kitchen of groceries to live in and the Amercian Red Cross was there at 9 a.m. Friday morning to give the family a check. They did lose most everything as the first floor is a total loss also. They were able to save the family SUV but the husband’s truck was parked under the carport as he was on call for his job at the time of the fire and his truck is a total lost also. Their graduating senior dd’s car was in the shop so it was saved, but she got into an accident Sat night and not sure what damages. Can you believe? She is ok but had to get stitches. The parish (county) will be bull dozing the house down this week sometime and they are planning on rebuilding asap!! Although this family does ok $$$ they lost everything and that has to devastating for anybody even the richest. Fortunatey they are church going Catholics whose dd’s have been alter servers for many years. The one items that was saved was a religious statue with the girls pics on either side of it whereas everything around it was charred. ??? WOW!!!


I’m glad things are going “better” for them. It makes me feel great to hear that so many people pitched in so generously to help.


Good to hear this family is being helped. I’ll continue to keep them in my prayers.

This happened in my parish’s first building (this was in the 1800s). After 10 years, the building burned down, and a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was found, undamaged, among the ashes. It was cleaned up, and is in our current church building – it’s called the “miracle statue.” :slight_smile:


It is amazing how it takes a tragic event sometimes to bring out the best in people. But, how blest they are to have such neighbors. I hope they can move back to them soon. :gopray2:

Also, I have seen on news programs devastating events (floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, hurricanes, etc.) and it always happens, without fail, that there are FULLY INTACT religious statues, bibles, crosses, etc amist nothing but ashes and rubble. PRAISE GOD! It is such a witness. :heaven:


Prayers for healing for the whole family at this difficult time. Their faith family is strong and loves them dearly from the sound of it. God Bless them all.


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