My New Book: "The Papist's Guide to America" by Daniel Schwindt

I just wanted to announce the release of my latest book, and to offer a free electronic version to Catholic Answers folks. Below is a description of the book, followed by links to the free electronic formats. The paperback edition, which I unfortunately cannot afford to provide for free, can be found here on

Title: The Papist’s Guide to America
Author: Daniel Schwindt


*The Papist’s Guide to America is a re-orientation for the American Catholic who finds himself (or herself) increasingly alienated within the American political scene.

Its central thesis is that this alienation is not new; that in America Catholics have been tolerated but never welcomed; and that the appearance of Pope Francis has only brought these latent tensions to the surface of American political conversation, manifesting themselves in outright hostility toward Pope Francis.

This book is an invitation for American Catholics to awaken from two centuries of secular slumber in order to rediscover their identity and their spiritual inheritance.

159 pages. Paperback. 2016.*

Free EPUB file:
Free MOBI file:
Free PDF file:

Paperback can be purchased through Amazon:

For anyone who wishes to know a bit more about my work, you may check the reviews for my last book, Catholic Social Teaching: A New Synthesis (Rerum Novarum to Laudato Si’).

I only ask that, if you do download the free electronic version and enjoy it, that you consider possibly leaving me a short review on

Thank you everyone for your time.

Thank you so much!

Hopefully by shoving this thread up to the top, Catholics distraught by the election will find some sanity in this book.

I was a die hard American nationalist Donald Trump fan, capitalist, anti-immigration, pro war paleo-con who thought I was following Church teaching. I gloried in Trump’s victory, but since that I have been having doubts.

Which lead me to this book.
I’ll give it a spin :slight_smile:

The books looks good. I can get it through Kindle Unlimited, but would prefer a mobi file since I want to cancel the Kindle deal.
But when I click on the EPUB & Mobi versions, it says they don’t exist. You might want to look into that.


I had the same problem as Viki did.

When I tried to open the EPUB version so that I could look at it on my Chromebook, I got a message saying that there was nothing there.

My apologies, everyone.

As you can see, this thread is a bit old. When I posted it, I was offering free digital copies, but I have since ended that offer, as it was only meant to be temporary.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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