My new icon corner

I printed the icons of Theokotos, our Lord and St. Nicholas. How can I arrange them in the icon corner?

Jesus Christ central and the others to the sides.



That icon corner is lovely.


Traditionally, in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, we place the Mother of God on Christ’s right (our left).

I hope looking at them will help you pray.


I’m setting up my own icon corner but the way my condo is situated I have to put it in the south west corner.

There are different ways you could do it. The most common is to (when one is facing the icon corner) have the Theotokos on the left, Christ on the right, and the icon of St. Nicholas could be under them (or saints flanking them). Some use shelves (I do) and others hang them on the wall. Since you printed them, you could get matching frames for them or whatever.

Here’s what mine currently looks like:


That is a lovely setup )

If the icons are kept on a table, is it ok if it is lower than me when I’m standing before them.

There are no strict rules regulating how you setup your icons in your home. The most important thing is that you look at them. In our home, the icons of our icon corner are placed at a hight where we can easily look at them and sometimes kiss them when we pray. We also have icons over our main door, at our window sills, bookshelves etc.


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