My non Catholic friend

I am sending info to a close friend who works for Family life radio in Tuscon. She has told me she would never want to be a Catholic but does not know why. I am sending her info from Catholic Answers and praying for her daily. I Ask for you to help me as pray for her to see the truth, I want her to come home to be with us. One Holy Catholic Apostolic.

Thank you and God Bless

AMEN! I will pray for your friend :gopray:

I’ll pray for her.What religion is she?


I will gladly pray for the two of you!

Praying for your friend John.:gopray:

I will pray for your friend.

I will pray for your friend.

Prayers :crossrc:

Try the Divine Mercy chaplet - it’s meant to be good for conversions among other things :thumbsup:

Praying for your friend.

:signofcross: Thank you everyone. I am still praying and to let you know she was a Methodist but now attends a non demonational church. I will be at an Adoration tomorrow praying for her and thanking God for all your prayers

Easy does it.

Glory to God!

Today she e mailed me and asked for help. She felt as if her faith had no meaning or foundation. She thought Satan was attacking her. I sent her a prayer to St. Michael. I prayed a rosary. She replied… Thank you it worked.

Thanks be to God and his Son Jesus Christ.

Amen I do Believe!

Dear Jadams2768…Giving thanks for Graces already received and keeping your friend in prayer…Blessings - Barb

To all who are praying.
Today she told me she has left her non demoninational church because it was not fullfilling her need for Christian fellowship and faith. Yesterday I sent her the booklet Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Faith. She wants to learn about the One True Church. Glory to God!:angel1:

Sounds good!

Prayers for your friend!

prayer said for you

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