My non practicing JW friend

Today I went target shooting with a neighbor and after while cleaning our guns he brought up questions about God because he knew I went to catholic mass every week. His family had been in the United States since the 1600’s and they have always been masons and his parents became Jehovah’s whitness’s but since we live in a very rural area he is non practicing JW. He also has a theology degree from Boston university. I found it shocking since he had a theology degree how little he knows about the catholic faith. He said the biggest problem he was having was that god hasn’t given us actual physical miracles. I explained Eucharist miracles and incurpable saints. He seemed very surprised is it to much to give him a book about things like this

No physical miracles, how about the one he is standing on, thats one big miracle, especially when the Atheists think it all come out of nothing

I don’t think it’s too much to give him a book about things, whether he reads it is a different matter. But, as an academic, he will probably have the desire to learn, and will probably read whatever you give him. The worst that can happen is that he says, “thanks, but no thanks.” Try it, it can’t hurt for him to expand his knowledge, and possibly understanding.

I’ve just finished one of Scott Hahn’s older books God’s Covenant Love in Scipture - A Father Who Keeps His Promises that your friend might really like. It takes you thru a fairly biblical look at the multiple stages of God’s relationship with man culminating in the passion.
I’m sure theres a ink to the book on his site, any good Catholic Book store, or other major book selling sites…

There is a chemistry professor at Lakeland College who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, became Lutheran, and then Catholic. You might want to check out his website at

I think a father who keeps his promises would be perfect for him

Me too. :thumbsup:

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