My Novel

Would anyone here be interested in reading my book when it comes out? I’ve been writing it since the fall of 2000:D

My inspiration was Tolkien, but my story goes much darker (but not nearly as good) as his writing.

I’m not sure how to properly catorgize it, I mean it’s Fantasy, but the story is Dark/Uplifting at the same time, having lots of violence and blood shed reflecting reality, (though NOT disgusting gore, not at all like that), romance and a little adult “steamy” scenes too (NOT porn though so don’t misunderstand).

It’s also full of hope, faith, love, courage and strong uplifting moments. Sacrifice, compassion and forgiveness–ESPECIALLY the end. The story also reflects Faith, doing what is right and what must be done in order to survive, no matter how hard or terrible the conflict (or path) may be.

It’s tittled “Guardian of the Seventh Realm” and I hope for it to be out by the spring of 09.

Just curious.

maybe, i do like to read. do you have a publisher yet?

I wish you the best with your writing!

I’m no professional author, so don’t misunderstand :slight_smile:

I’m self publishing it, and hopefully I will have 500 copies in the spring, hopefully, maybe a little longer.

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