My OCD story (for anyone who wants to listen)

This is my OCD story for anyone who wants to listen.
I know it’s a bit different from what you usually see on here, but I wanted to share my story.

I’m almost 14 now, and as far back as I can remember, OCD has always been a prevalent part of my life. Ever since I was young I would have to repeat things over and over again, just in case I messed up. I worried that if I made a small mistake, i.e. missing a spot when I clean the bathroom, it would mess up my life and everyone else’s. (I never really worried about these things affecting me, now that I think about it, which is kind of bizarre, but I always worried about these things causing my family to become ill or even die.)
When I was older and started going to religious ed classes, my OCD which, primarily, at that point, had revolved around germs and the like, morphed into scrupulosity. I analyzed every part of my day. I even worried that mundane tasks such as cleaning or doing my homework would offend God in some way. At one point I was up all night shaking, panicking, because I thought I had offended Him.
Only recently did I realize I did in fact have ocd. Then it all clicked. I was never formally diagnosed, but I am self diagnosed and have taken an online test (I scored 6/10 so I knew I had it).
I never told anyone about my OCD. I never went to therapy. But I have been working with myself, using subliminal treatments, and coaching myself to realize which thoughts are irrational.
I hope you enjoyed my story. I wanted to let people know what it is like to live as a person with OCD. I’m not looking for sympathy, but if you could remember me and everyone else who has OCD in your prayers.
Thank you for bearing with me and taking the time to read this. It means a lot to me❤️


Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you figured out something was amiss. Maybe talking to a therapist would be helpful as well.


St. Dymphna please intercede.


I’ve often wondered if OCD is an extreme form of perfectionism?

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I also suffer from OCD. I probably wash my hands around twenty times a day, and are paranoid that one simple screw up in my work or personal life will cause disaster. Thank you for sharing your story and remember you are not alone.


Indeed! OP, talk to mom and dad, if possible, about therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the drug-free gold standard in treatment for anxiety/OCD/scrupulosity. It can be done over the phone. Since these disorders are cognitive in nature, the therapy teaches the unlearning of the bad thinking and replaces it with the good.


Hmm… It might be, some aspects of it are very similar but OCD also includes repetitive/irrational thoughts, which aren’t necessarily part of perfectionism.

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I’ve got to offer something here.

If anyone has OCD or scrupulosity, do not ever listen to these teachers (including priests, but not just only priests), who would tell you that you have to do whatever your conscience tells you to do, and that individual conscience — not the teachings of the Church’s magisterium — is the sole determinant of right, wrong, and culpability.

My high school had the bad fortune of having a priest who was solus conscientiae, and let’s just say it didn’t end well. Last I heard, he was being involuntarily laicized. Bad story.

I let the Church and her magisterium be my conscience. You can’t go wrong with that.

You are very young. Listen to your parents, your doctor if you need to see one, and a priest who is absolutely faithful to the orthodox teachings of the Church and her magisterium.

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Sometimes it is…but more often than not it’s repetitive, uncontrolled, intrusive thoughts or actions that affect the individual’s life negatively because he/she feels like they have to think that or do that repetitively or else something bad will happen.

I suffer from OCD, and so does my mum, a compulsive cleaner. My OCD manifests itself in repetitive spirals of thoughts. I actually rarely have a ‘clear’ head- I always have a spiral of thoughts somewhere in the background (I have one right now) and I can’t really stop it as I become anxious if I do.

I cannot help but sympathise with the OP despite her saying that she doesn’t want sympathy. I will, of course, pray for her.


Don’t worry, all will be well. You know, I think that we all need to learn simplicity. We have to do everything out of love for God and others. We shouldn’t feel burdensome or stressed, for our God is peace and rest for those who come unto Him.

Dear friend, I’ll leave St. Padre Pio’s quote here

“Pray, hope and don’t worry”


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God bless you. That sounds like very hard work I will pray to Our Lady undoer of Knots for you.

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Thank you so much!! You are so sweet, I’ll pray for you and your mom too :blush::revolving_hearts:

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It’s brave of you to come online and share this kind of information. I pray that the Lord heals you of this condition. May He also bless you for your courage. Amen.

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