my old church

so as you all know im in RCIA (kind of) now. and my old church is having a bake sale (Assembly of God) and i was wondering if it would be acceotabe to help sell food with my mom. NOT attend the service, NOT do anything else, just help clean, sell stuff etc?

Sounds very thoughtful, and charitable with your time and talents. Even attending services ought to be okay until you become Catholic. I believe I’ve read where Catholics may pray with separated brethren and attend their services, but not partake of any of their sacraments, whether actual or symbolic.


NO! You may never speak to a Protestant again! Shun them! Beat them with a stick!

Sorry, been watching too many Michael Voris videos.

Haha. If this was Facebook, I would “like” this.

–But back to the OP. I would say go ahead and do it. You’re in RCIA, people may already know that you’re leaving their church. I doubt that helping your mom at a bake sale would be condoning anything.

Sure you can help your Mom! It will be nice to spend some time with her and maybe catch up with a few old friends.

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