my painting of the Sacred Heart

I don’t know which forum this really belongs in, but: I just recently finished this painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It measures 30x40 inches.

I want to get involved in doing Sacred Art for Churches. I’m starting to build a number of pieces to show what I can do towards this goal.

I’m thinking of trying to get really good photos of this without any glare, and make prints available.

Hope you all enjoy!

Gorgeous. Let us know when the prints are available. God bless you.

Well done, you are very talented. I really hope you are able to pursue a career in Sacred Art as your work deserves a wide audience!

edit - do you have a website?

You truly have a gift. I pray God will lead the way for all the right connections.
Jeremiah 29 / 11.
in Christ’s love,

Beautiful, inspiring!

Absolutely beautiful. Best of luck in your endeavors. You obviously have a God given talent.

God Bless,


Absolutely beautiful and the detail is remarkable. You should post some of your other works :slight_smile:

WOW!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!

Very beautiful!

God gifted you with a real talent, this is just beautiful. I wish you well as I hope you can share this talent with many, many people.

Beautiful work!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

This is beautiful, but, I think, the head is too big. ;)You should improve the proportions.

The detail is amazing! Just beautiful ans awesome!

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I wish you all of the best too, as you go forward. I hope that you can have the type of career that you want, as a Sacred Artist.

God bless you. :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Keep on painting and learning! You have a gift.

Absolutely beautiful! I am also an artist and hoping to serve the Lord in the world of sacred art. May God bless you in your work!

It is wonderful. Jesus must feel so loved. May God bless your work!


I had no idea! I’ve been searching and searching for a masculine, yet compassionate image of the Sacred Heart. Just haven’t been happy with what’s out there… Most of it is sort of chintzy or over-stylized. This is regal and beautiful. PM me if you’re brave enough. I might be able to help you with marketing of this image and further pursuit of this avenue.

There’s nothing wrong with the head. A man’s head should be 1/3 the shoulder span, and he’s got it right.

It’s just the big hair :slight_smile: and the less definition on the body that makes it seem incorrect.


I think what it is is that the torso is a bit short. I didn’t immediately notice this but it doesn’t bother me…

Wow! :eek: You truly have a gift! :slight_smile:

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