My parents are my spiritual children


Until yesterday,I was determined to disown my parents for their unjust,foolish,and corrupt ways,but yesterday evening,by an extrodinary turn of circumstances,I ended up at a Carmelite church.I heard a story about St.Therese and how she adopted a guillitened murderer as her spiritual child.She prayed and prayed for his conversion…and it worked!And he was just as bad as my father,maybe even worse!So now I am going to adopt my parents as spiritual children,just like St.Therese did.I used to be miserable because they are so…misguided,but now I will be joyful,because this is a wonderful oppurtunity.I can save their souls and pray for them to convert and serve God!Even though they are more then 50 years old,they’re souls are immature and they need ME to help them change.Now,instead of disowning them,I will always be nice to them and put up with them and help them in any way possible.I feel very lucky to have such an oppurtunity!Do you think its a good idea?


God Bless your HEART!

It is a great idea! How I wish all youth would think like you!



BTW, what is up with your homepage? :confused:

Got hacked? That is what I get when I click on it…


What a great idea! I think I may do that with my own parents.


Yeah,it got hacked:( But never mind,I may build a better one someday.


I hope you do,its very effective!good luck!


A few years ago, I made the error of thinking, “Wow, my parents are so spiritually immature.” Except that they weren’t. I was. I was also 28.

Unless they’re obviously bad people (and even then we should be loving in our judgements), be careful in making any assumptions.


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