My parents stopped taking us to church, what should I do?


I’ve been catholic my whole life and so havemy sister and mother. Recently my mom got sick with Stage 4 lung cancer and is always sleeping but this means that we never get driven to church. My sister is 15 but she doesn’t yet have a drivers license and even if she did she wouldn’t go because she is struggling with her faith. I’m here to seek some answers on what I should do. Thanks and Godbless!


I am very sorry about your mom. She will be in my prayers.

We are not expected to do the impossible. You and your family are certainly facing extenuating circumstances, and as you and your sister are minors, this is out of your control (it’s also out of your mom’s control if she is too il to attend). If perhaps speaking with your pastor would help ease your mind, you should do that. But, I think you should be at peace.

Again, my prayers are with your mother.


As has been said, you can’t be expected to do the impossible. And you might call the church and see if someone could bring communion to your mother and to the family since you can’t make it to Mass. Visiting the homebound is one of my favorite parts of my ministry actually.

You are in my prayers.



I am so sorry about your mother. I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I am so glad you want to keep going to Mass to be with Jesus.

Do you have any friends from church who could give you a ride? Any friends of the family or other family members nearby?

Perhaps you could even call the church office and tell the secretary about your situation…I bet she could find someone to give you a ride. Also, perhaps you could ask her if the priest can come and pray for/annoint your mother. You could also ask if the priest can bring communion to your family.

Do you have a way to watch a EWTN mass on TV when you can’t go? If you can’t find a ride, you could watch Mass on Youtube perhaps.

No matter what, even if you can’t attend Mass, keep praying and stay close to Jesus and Mother Mary. I am so very sorry you are going through this. Praying for you all.


I am so very sorry to hear about your mother. I would ask your father or mother for help in facilitating a way for you to get a ride to mass with some of you family’s church friends.


It is tough. You have our prayers. I would also ask the church office if there is a family who could pick you up for mass. I think there would be lots of people who would help if ask. But it would have to be a family not an individual because you are a minor.


God bless you Father…


my prayers are with your family. please call the diocese and see what can be done to bring ministry to your mum and your home.


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