My parents went to Mass without me

Today, because of certain events (most of which I had no control over) I missed Mass with my parents. When they get home they’ll likely want me to go to Mass at a different Church (by myself). Am I, as a 14-year-old, required to go to Mass by myself to fulfill my Sunday obligation?

Yes, you are obligated to attend Mass. My children when they were teenagers sometimes had to go to Mass at different times than the rest of us because of school or sports obligations. You are not required to go to Mass by yourself per se. Ask one of your parents to go with you . If this will happen again ask them to wait for you next time so that you can all go to Mass together as a family. We did that as often as we could. My husband’s work schedule didn’t always allow for that but I could go with the kids usually as a group so we did that. I know it can feel “awkward” “lonely”, or whatever to go to Mass alone. Talk with your parents on Friday or Saturday each weekend about how Mass is going to work out so everyone knows what the limitations and expectations are.

Yes, you should go to Mass, but invite friends to go with you! You should want to go to Mass, but it is because you don’t want to go alone? Go and receive God’s Blessings during the Mass. Then you can bless others the rest of the day.

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