My parish is having a TLM Friday in honor of the Motu Proprio

My parish will have a High Mass for the feast of the Holy Cross on Friday, September 14, the day the Motu Proprio takes effect. It will be at the noon Mass.

If you’re in the Chicago area and can make it, please come. St. John Vianney is located at 46 N. Wolf Rd. in Northlake, IL. It’s just west of Melrose Park and just east of Elmhurst.

We had the TLM for the feast of the Assumption at the noon Mass and it was very well attended.

Please pray for our pastor and all our priests. They are all very orthodox. I’m praying we will have a daily TLM soon.

You should head over to the Shrine of Christ the King (or at least that chapel they are using while the church is being restored). High Mass will be at 7pm, followed by a procession of the Blessed Sacrament and Exposition.

One of the parishes in Waco is doing the same thing. Unfortunately it is at noon, and I work Thurs and Fri nights, but I’m strongly considering going, in order to show my support.

We didn’t have as many people as we did for the feast of the Assumption, but it was a pretty good turnout for a noon Mass on Friday.

I’m praying we will have a daily Tridentine Mass in our parish soon.

Caesar, I had to work late Friday so I couldn’t make it over to Christ the King. Besides, traffic on the Dan Ryan because of construction is a mess. I would never have made it there by 7:00 if I left work at 5:00. I work in Rosemont, near O’Hare Airport. Christ the King is on the south side by 63rd and Woodlawn.

Yes, traffic in Chicago is that bad.

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