My physical body in heaven?

I read in another forum that it is a catholic doctrine that there will be a resurrection of the dead, that we will receive the same bodies.
That "for the saints, the bodies will be glorified like Christ after his resurrection."
That in fact there are physical bodies in Heaven right now.“Christ has a physical body, Elijah was taken up with his body, Enoch was taken up, St. Michael fought over the body of Moses with Satan, and it is Catholic doctrine that the Blessed Virgin Mary was assumed into Heaven body and soul.”

I have several questions:

  • If for the saints the body will be glorified, why not everyone else? And if the body is not “glorified” what will it be? What does “glorified body” mean?
  • Physical body on earth is aging. Does it mean that our physical bodies will be eternal in Heaven? Do children who die have a children physical body or an adult physical body?
  • Does the physical body in Heaven subject to the same limitation of time and space?
  • If you are fat and do not like your body, will you still have the same body?

Sorry if some of my questions seem irrelevant. I am trying to grasp/understand this concept of physical body in heaven.

Also, will we be - like Jesus said - like “angels” when we die? Meaning that even if we have a physical body, the sexual organs will not be present or used?
So even if we have a physical body, will we be asexual?

Dear I,

A saint is one who is in heaven. If you go to heaven, you will be a saint and you will have a glorified body. Jesus had a glorified body after His resurrection. He was seen eating and people touched Him. Yet He could move through locked doors. That’s about as much as we know about glorified bodies.

Theologians speculate that everyone’s body will be in its prime (mid thirties). They will be physical as Jesus’ body is.

Jesus did not suggest that we would actually BE angels, but that we will be in heaven and have access to Him as the angels do. Human bodies have sex organs. However, they won’t be needed. Heaven is all about enjoying God, the ultimate Good.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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