My Piano Piece on his Agony

Hi everyone.

My first music upload.

I am an amateur player, been playing for a little over a month. I wrote this song, sometimes It surprises me cause these songs just flow out. I also wrote the poem. I am happy about it.
I have always had a love for music, and I believe God is what is teaching me.

There is a mistake at the end, but I hope you enjoy it. The poem is inspired by something I recently went through. And hopefully to touch peoples mind. Music inspired by the Lord’s agony and crucifixion.

Thank you for any feedback, advice, and comments.
I am wondering If I should make music, so any advice is VERY appreciated.

Thank you Lord for teaching me.

God Bless all.

“been playing for a little over a month. I wrote this song” Wow. Lovely.

Very Very Nice…

God has given you a wonderful talent.


It is indeed a beautiful piece and it doesn’t sound like you’ve only been playing for a month. :slight_smile:

The fade out was disappointing. I felt like it should have had a bit of a deeper, stronger ending. The theme, expressed differently again and again was great, and I love the syncopation. I thought it was very beautiful and had a contemplative feel…it wasn’t sad and maudlin, had a dash of hope, but was overall like trickles of notes, like His blood flowing from every pore.

Good work! But I don’t like fade outs. I admit it might be your vision for the song to have the fade out, but im just feeling more of a octave below middle c kind of solemn end. It could be chords, or trickles…don’t know? How do you think the end should be? Is the fade part of your vision for the piece or justs youtube thing?

I so often speak…and type…before fully thinking about my words. If yore disappointed when the song ends and it held your attention that well that even the end is something to elicit a remark, that is a good thing. I didn’t want you to feel overly criticized, Maria. I thought it was very well done. Frankly, if you hadn’t asked for feedback, I might not have felt so free with my words. But I do want you to know that you have got some real talent there. Keep playing and composing!

It sounds really good. I like.

Hey no worries!!! :smiley:
The only reason I put a fade out was because I cut a piece off that I messed up on, and it was two takes put together, lol. Or else I would have done a whole song, but sometimes I just record and It comes out, then I cant replicate it ha.

Thanks for the feedback! God Bless you all! :smiley:

Well you did say there was a mistake somewhere at the end. I didn’t hear one, so I thought it must be very slight!


This is incredibly beautiful—the music, the message. So much so that I wonder if you would mind me sending this to a friend who is still deeply depressed over abuse as a child. She is 64 yrs old and I had little words to assist her through her agony. Maybe this might mean what I could not find the words to say. Would it be ok for me to send this to her?

Ofcourse!!! God bless and thank you all!

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