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pets the doggy


Nice dog!
I have a wannabee terrier.:wink:

I saved that dog from maybe certain death.
It was 7 years ago and I was looking for a cheap dog because I really felt I wanted one, for the first time in my life.
I had been to some kennels and other places but no luck.
I wanted a small dog.
Then while I was in France I started helping with the Red Cross.
We used to go on Thursdays to a refugee camp, very rugged, to bring people food.
I had been there many times but I had not seen my dog.
Then one day I saw him, all dirty, hungry and, I was told, victim of some children who amused themselves at hitting him.
So I looked for the owner and made a deal with him and I got it.
Peppino, my doggy, is very pampered.
He sleeps on the bed with me and all.
He is extremely affectionate with every human being, including children but he doesn’t like big male dogs.

Your dog is so cute! I can’t see his collar from the picture, but if he doesn’t have one, every pampered dog needs a St. Francis medal!

I have a rescue dog too. Her name is Penny and I have had her for almost 2 months. She is very afraid of most strangers, but getting pretty good at her circus tricks. I hope in time she is as friendly with everyone as you have described Peppino to be.

Does that name mean something? It is a cute name.

I’m not sure why this is in the spirituality forum. You should teach Peppino to pray the rosary! Then this would fit in the spirituality forum :smiley: Penny doesn’t have the mental capacity for religious meditation, but she is learning to hold her paws in a prayer-looking way when I’m saying my prayers.

I read this novel once called The Nun’s Story by Katherine Hulyme, and the main character Sister Luke was serving in the jungles of the Congo, and she had this monkey who used to “pray” with her every day. It would fold it’s paws and sort of kneel down.


That is awesome and hilarious! :smiley:

This is my picture:

You know, for some reason, and I just can’t put my finger on it, but I suspect you are not being entirely truthful.:smiley:

However if you are, my apologies and :thumbsup:

Hello, hello my friend. You have a cute puppy dog. That’s the kind I want.:slight_smile:

Peppino is a nickname that comes from Joseph.
He doesn’t pray, but he comes to mass with me every time

Monkeys imitate human behavior. They don’t have rational souls, so they can’t actually pray.

Which is probably why the poster wrote ‘pray’ like that, in quotation marks, to show it wasn’t really so.

Do lighten up. It’s not heathy to see offence or error where none exists.

Be careful! Chuck Norris sued some people recently who listed some “facts” about him in a book. I doubt he reads CAF. He seems pretty good natured, but don’t anger the Chuck Norris.

So, Peppino is from France. Is it true they have serious dog poo problems over there, or is it just Paris? Someone told me that a hundred or more people go to the hospital each year from injuries they got slipping in dog poo in Paris. They could be wrong, that seems awfully high.

I don’t really know. I lived 10 years in France but I never heard of that

Apart from guide dogs for the blind, animals are forbidden in the Church and especially at Mass its irreverent.

I don’t think so.
Of course, at every mass there will be max. one or two dogs. If people used to take their dogs to mass it would not be acceptable.
But I sit at the very back of the church, near the exit door, all by myself and nobody is distracted.
In Italy it is customary to allow dogs and in France too. Plus Peppino is very quiet.
The ladies now now me and when we meet in the street they are all happy to see Peppino at mass.
I am usually the only one with a dog at mass. Occasionally one other lady arrives with her dog.
After all, they are creatures of God.

What do you do with Peppino during Communion? Zip up your jacket and pack him in there?

You got it

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