My Pizza Delivery Woman -Does This Make Sense?


I got Pizzas for my family tonight. THe total came to 28 dollars and some change. The delivery person came to the door and I told her that I had two twenties on me.

She paused, unable to figure out the right amount of change. I like to give about 15-20% percent tip, so I said. “Don’t worry about it. Round it up to thirty and I will give you the additional five dollar tip from that.” I didn’t really want any loose change anyway.

She still seemed confused so I told her that I should get 5 dollars back. She told me, “No. I don’t want to cheat you.” ANd she gave me eight dollars back. :confused:

I have never heard of anyone wanting less money in tips.

Now I am curious, why did she think that she would be cheating me if she took the larger amount of money. It was only about three dollars more. Am I missing something here? I’ve never had anything like this happened. I didn’t want to make the woman feel foolish so I took the eight dollars and didn’t press the matter.


no you didn’t miss anything.
**the ignorant miss seems to have missed some basic math classes though:shrug: **
such things have happened to us too


Well, did you make her feel stupid? Did you imply that you were giving her extra money because she was too stupid to figure out the math? Did your facial expressions or tone of voice imply that? If you were thinking it, you may have conveyed it inadvertedly. If so, she may have felt show you that she isn’t stupid, and figure out the proper amount on her own, rather than accept “charity” for being stupid.

Is she someone that you regularly interact with? Is she merely the deliverer, or does she have ties to the owner? Maybe she is looking for you to be a return customer, and your attitude implied that you were less than satisfied with her. This is all speculation of course, but sometimes we communicate more by our expressions and tones than our actual words.

Either way, you made three dollars on the deal. I’d recommend that you give it to the needy.


no you didn’t miss anything.
the ignorant miss seems to have missed some basic math classes though

Excuse me! I’ll have you know that some people find maths hard due to learning difficulties (such as dyslexia) & lack of mathematical ability does not necessarily mean ignorance or that they are unintelligent.


I’m all but innumerant (math dyslexia). I have a master’s degree and am considered pretty smart, but when it comes to numbers I am lost.


I say the rosary all the time. I rarely miss a day when I at least say one, but when the sisters ask me to lead it, I mess it up all the time. I figure that is God’s way of keeping me humble.

My daughter has such a hard time in math. I pray knowone would ever talk about her in the way you speak about this pizza delivery girl.


I felt bad for her but I did not think that she was stupid. Everyone has brain freezes so I thought at first that she was having one of those moments. Really, I didn’t want to stand on the porch and figure out the exact change either.:stuck_out_tongue: It was faster to round it up to thirty and add the five dollar tip from that.

She has been our pizza delivery person for awhile. My oldest son and his friends sometimes order pizza. She is very patient when they pay her with a mixture of change and wadded dollar bills. So, I think that she must be a very sweet person.

I sort of wanted to give her a decent tip because of her past kindness to my son-she knows him by name- and the fact that I know that she must not make a lot of money. At one point in his life, my brother delivered pizzas and his complaint was that he was never tipped enough to cover gas.

I have to admit, I set at the kitchen table for a little while and tried to figure if I was missing something, if it was MY math that had been wrong.:blush:

This is silly but I feel bad, like I cheated her. I wanted to insist that she take the tip but I didn’t want to press her and embarrass her. I will probably put the extra three dollars into the collection plate.


I have a dyslexic child also. And I understand that we all have moments when we forget things. But to not take the tip surprised me. I’m also confused as to why she would think that she could possibly cheating me?

I don’t think that I have said anything rude about her. :confused: I certainly don’t think she was stupid. There is no way to relate the story without saying that she was somewhat confused as to the making of change. But that doesn’t mean that I think she was stupid, simply unable at that moment to figure out the change.

My opinion is that she is a very nice woman. She knows my son by name and has asked me about him when she has delivered pizza.


I think it was the “rounding up” part that confused her.
She did not want to charge you more than the actual price of the pizza.

Maybe you can just give her a couple of extra dollars next time.


Maybe that was it. Perhaps she didn’t realize that I WANTED to give her a little bit of extra money. I imagine that she deals with grouchy people often, so perhaps someone wanting to give you a little extra wasn’t what she was used to. Three dollars isn’t a lot to most people but I know that I have been in places in my life in which three dollars seemed like a million dollars.


Maybe she was frazzled, or maybe her manager was getting complaints from customers about drivers not giving back enough change, etc. :shrug:

You could always order pizza again next weekend and insist on giving her a nice big tip and a “Merry Christmas”.


you knew you were ordering pizza, maybe you could of had the exact change available and ready for when the delivery came to the door :shrug: and all of the confusion would have been elimiated??


I think the way we take a situation and start assuming is very comic. Maybe she was dyslexic, maybe she was confused, maybe she didn’t know math. Is she ignorant, is she stupid,? … oh my human behavior is so confusing.

If she has been doing this for a while, then she must know what she’s doing. This wouldn’t be the first time she had to give out change…

I use to do retail, way back when we use to actually count the money out to the customers. I did not like when the customer tried to help out… IE… Oh. it’s $28? Okay here is another 3 dollars just give me a five… and… My thoughts were, “Stop talking to me while I’m counting out money… Cheech.” And I think that was the pizza lady’s thoughts… And of course assuming is always the fun part of these sort of conversations.


I do have change in a jar. Maybe next time I will give her the exact money and then explain that I am giving her the tip on TOP of that. Perhaps that will end some of the confusion and I can give her a decent tip that will at least cover her gas to get to my house.


Like others have said, because someone has math skills different from yours, does not make them ignorant. And like someone else said, sometimes “being put on the spot” gives them a “brain fart”. Being human, I do this on occasion, and I would indeed take exception to being called ignorant.



No, she told me that she couldn’t figure out the change. I didn’t really care about getting an odd amount of coins either. I’ve worked in fast food restaurants but it was pretty easy to make change when you had a cash register.

I have worked as a waitress at a nightclub. When ever someone rounded up, I knew that they either didn’t want the coins or were giving me an extra tip. I never got annoyed at getting that extra bit of money.

I think this is the part that bothered me. I’ve worked for tips, my mom worked for tips, my brother used to work for tips and my son currently works for tips. People who work for tips don’t usually make a whole lot of money for the amount of work that they do. I know what that is like.

I wish that I had just given her the forty and told her to keep the change and have a Merry Christmas.


I think that was me that said that I thought she might have had a brain freeze. Now I am beginning to wonder if thinking my methods of determining tips aloud was at fault.

Normally, I round up the amount I owe by ten-so, as an example, 18.95 becomes 19 dollars- then I figure the tip from that. I don’t like messing with change either. So this is easier, plus I always know that I am giving a decent tip. If I had just said, give me a five back and keep the change, she wouldn’t have worried that I was doing my math incorrectly.

Normally she deals with my 18 year old son, who is very talkative and friendly. I am more quiet.She might have expected Josh.

Plus my larger dog was barking at the door-I had stepped onto the porch. My son usually meets her at the driveway so she doesn’t have to deal with hearing a large dog barking at the door. Maybe that had something to do with her getting flustered.


Deb, I just want to say :blessyou: for tipping the pizza gal! :pizza: My DH delivered pizzas for years as a second job, and we needed that tip money badly. You would not believe how many people don’t tip at all. Those folks have to pay for gas to get the pizza to your house! Many people who wouldn’t dream of not tipping a waiter in a restaurant think nothing at all of not tipping the delivery person. :frowning:


Maybe they can’t accept a certain amount of tips? Like if it goes over that amount? I stink at math too…:blush:


You did business with Cheech Marin? Far out, man! I hope you were selling him something legal.

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